Decentralized News Network Launches New Website

Decentralized News Network Launches New Website

Decentralized News Network (DNN), a blockchain-based platform for content creation and media curation, has rolled out a new website. According to the project team, this new website better represents the goals of DNN, and has clarified language that makes itself more inclusive to creators.

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Decentralized News Network Rolls Out New Site Design

Recently, the platform rolled out a brand-new website design, giving visitors a more organized presentation of the project, how it works, and how they can get involved.

The new design features new graphics, more visible information, and an updated navigation scheme.

Other design features include links to social media, team members and advisors listed on the front page, as well as links to try the platform’s alpha release and participate in the token sale.

Speaking with Bitsonline, DNN co-founders Samit Singh and Dondrey Taylor said they wanted to redesign the site to make the platform more visible and inclusive to visitors and potential participants.

According to the co-founders, the biggest motivation driving the redesign was the desire to increase inclusivity. While the platform itself hasn’t changed its standards, they said, the website’s language needed to be updated. Previously, they continued, some of the language on the site could have been construed to exclude certain journalists and content creators.

And that isn’t true, Singh and Taylor said. Everyone is welcome to use the platform, and now the new website reflects that inclusivity.

This redesign comes on the heels of news that two major industry names would be joining the DNN advisory board.

GlobalDCX co-founder Aly Madhavji and Compass News co-founder Mayank Banerjee joined the advisory board, lending their skills and experience to DNN as they work towards their goals.

Bitsonline will continue providing updates on DNN as they become available.

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