Decentralized News Network Announces World Tour, New Website

Decentralized News Network Announces World Tour, New Website

Blockchain-based media platform Decentralized News Network (DNN) has announced that it will embark on a world tour, promoting its project at a series of conferences. Additionally, the project is preparing to unveil a new website to the public.

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ICO Expo World Tour

DNN founders Samit Singh and Dondrey Taylor said they will travel around the world to the ICO Expo conference series — in addition to sponsoring the event. At the conferences, the DNN team will give presentations as the headline sponsor, promoting their decentralize news publishing platform.

The cities on the team’s itenerary include Montreal, Tokyo, London, Monaco, Seoul, and Zurich.

According to Singh and Taylor, they are currently in negotiation with the conference organizers regarding the amount of DNN tokens they will pay in exchange for sponsorship. Additionally, the team is still finalizing the dates for the events they will attend.

Decentralized News Network

While at the conferences, DNN aims to raise awareness for the platform, concentrating on their upcoming token sale.

According to its website, the ICO Expo series is slated to kick off 52 days from press time. As of right now, the website contains no information regarding specific locations, dates or confirmed speakers.

Bitsonline will continue following the ICO Expo and DNN’s tour and provide updates as information becomes available.

Decentralized News Network Website Redesign

Singh and Taylor also announced an upcoming re-launch of the DNN website, featuring a complete redesign. This redesign will come complete with new animations and imagery, the founders said.

Additionally, Singh and Taylor said the new website will have new language. Most notably, the project has changed its tagline to “collaborative news for the people.

According to Singh and Taylor, the new tagline came about as a way to be “more inclusive of writers and everyone involved [in] the news creation process,” since the previous tagline received feedback from journalists concerned that the platform would exclude them.

“It’s mainly the message that we want to be a lot more inclusive,” Singh and Taylor said, “because right now it seems like a citizen journalism platform.”

At press time, the new website is not live, but Bitsonline will provide an update when the site launches, along with images of the redesign.

In the meantime, the Decentralized News Network team is gearing up for its world tour, hoping to spread the word about consensus-based news publication.

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