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Controversial Crypto Dev and BCH Supporter Arrested for Joyriding in Stolen Armored Vehicle

On June 5th, 2018 Joshua Yabut, also known as “movrcx” in the crypto and infosec communities, was arrested for allegedly stealing an M577 armored personnel carrier (APC) vehicle from the Army National Guard Training Center located in Blackstone, VA. Yabut led police on a wild chase for over 60 miles, reaching speeds as high as 45mph. 

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Developer’s Armored Vehicle Rampage Through Richmond

BCH developer in armored vehicle

Police were unable to stop the armored military vehicle, but followed it until the driver decided to stop it himself. The APC was stopped not far from Richmond, VA City Hall. Witnesses reported the driver got out of the vehicle and walked around for a short time, before being subdued by a combination of attacks from a police dog and tasers. Luckily, no injuries or damage to property was reported.

Yabut is being held at the city jail, and appeared at Richmond General District Court through video link for his arraignment the following morning on Wednesday June 6th. He is being charged with  driving under the influence of drugs, felony eluding police, and felony unauthorized use of a vehicle. No bond was set. Yabut’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 11th in Richmond.


Joshua Yabut and the stolen tank
Joshua Yabut

Long Track Record of Controversy

Yabut, or “movrcx”, has a long history within the cybersecurity and crypto communities. He first gained attention for releasing a zero-day security flaw in the Tor Browser and for starting his own “anti-SJW” version of the browser in 2016.

More recently, he has been credited with starting the Zclassic fork, including mining the genesis block of that chain. Zclassic is a fork of Zcoin. He also contributed to ZenCash, but left that project under significant scrutiny from the community. He was accused of harming the project by publicly releasing a significant zero-day exploit which people blamed for a large drop in the coin’s price.

After leaving the ZEN project, he returned to work on Zclassic. Movrcx is also an enthusiastic and outspoken supporter of Bitcoin Cash, going as far as including the [BCH] tag in his Twitter name. Bitcoin Cash, often referred to pejoratively as “bcash”, is a controversial fork of Bitcoin.

Aside from his work with crypto, Yabut was also employed as a cyber security researcher in the office of the chief information officer at NASA’s Langley Research Center from November of 2014 through April of 2017. He also attempted to run for Senate, but his application to be included on the ballot was rejected because he did not submit sufficient information on his application form.

How important were movrcx’s contributions to crypto and cybersecurity?  Do you think this incident will have an affect on crypto prices?  Post your opinion in the comments below.

Images via Fox, local news affiliates, Twitter

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