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Devolver Digital Launches Lootbox Coin, Pokes Fun at ICO and Gaming Industries

Devolver Digital’s presentations at the Electronic Entertainment Expo have become something many look forward to. Their habit of calling out bad practices in the industry and offering incisive critiques of larger names (accompanied by a smattering of effects and a hefty production budget) blends their game announcement segment into something bordering on high performance art, and it’s incredibly entertaining.

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Devolver’s Lootbox ICO Connection

This year, the company upped the ante by taking a potshot at the ICO and crypto markets to highlight the predatory, exploitative “loot box” systems many companies are implementing. Loot box systems use the same tactics that slot machines do to keep people playing.

To many, the crypto market serves as the perfect foil for the practice because altcoin and ICO trading are “essentially a form gambling”. The company leverages this by blending the two concepts into a joke that makes a poignant statement. In the words of Devolver presenter Nina Struthers:

“… we have seen the cryptocurrency space roll in and jack-punch the global socioeconomic scene right in the sweetness, creating an entirely new culture of massively unqualified financial experts with absolutely no idea what the shit they’re talking about … which is why I am thrilled to introduce you to our newest product: Loot Box Coin.”

devolver presentation

Certified Fake Rare™

Lootbox Coin is more than just a punchline. Devolver is offering a (plastic) commemorative coin that actually changes price randomly every hour, mimicking the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

devolver coin

The price changes randomly on the official storefront

The commemorative piece is available at, if you want to be “in” on the joke, but don’t expect any returns on the item in the absence of some insane collector’s market. Devolver was smart enough to thoroughly disclaim that the item is just a piece of plastic. To quote Struthers, Lootbox Coin:

“… can’t be mined, opened, walleted or crypto verified. It can only be bought through Devolver digital for your real, actual money you have in your real actual, bank account.”

As crypto increases in popularity and adoption, the space bleeding into other areas of culture is to be expected. What’s unique here, though, is how in touch the presentation is with the current state of cryptocurrency investing. If you haven’t seen the presentation, you can check it out here.

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