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Artist DJ J $crilla Is Using Tokens to Promote a Music Video

Artist DJ J $crilla Is Using Tokens to Promote a Music Video

There have been quite a few Bitcoin inspired pieces of music over the years, but the song released by DJ J $crilla on the morning of April 16th is the first of its kind. The song, called “You Can’t Smoke a Bitcoin” also features controversial Bitcoin celebrity and well known crypto-troll, Chris DeRose.

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Can’t Smoke a Bitcoin?

The music video starts with a clip of an interview with Peter Schiff from DeRose’s show. In the clip, Peter Schiff is shown criticizing Bitcoin because, unlike cigarettes, bitcoins cannot be smoked. This is primarily true because bitcoins are intangible digital representations of value that are recorded in a decentralized electronic ledger called the Blockchain, while cigarettes are physical objects specifically designed to be smoked.

Although the song’s range of lyrics may be somewhat lacking, with only one line comprising the entire song, the tech behind the music is certainly innovative.

The most obvious use of tech is the extensive incorporation of architecture similar to Google’s DeepDream software. DeepDream is a neural net-based image manipulation program that allows computers to create images by repeatedly compiling multiple pictures together to form a new unique image.

The visuals created  are often times described as “trippy” or “psychedelic”. In the video, this visual effect is used to visualize a state of intoxication while DeRose is shown rolling and smoking what appears to be a cannabis blunt.

Tokens Not for Trading, but to Collect

While “You Can’t Smoke Bitcoin” is not the first music video to use DeepDream — that honor belongs to Foster The People’s “Doing It for the Money” — it does have another innovation as well. “You Can’t Smoke Bitcoin” is the first song that leverages the Blockchain to help with music promotion and marketing.

DJ J $crilla does this by tying the song to a Counterparty asset known as CANTSMOKEBTC. The token is used to incentivize people to share the song on social media, as well as subscribing to the YouTube channel. People who share or subscribe will receive the token as a reward. The Counterparty description of this asset is listed as such:

“This is the 1st ever music promotion token. It’s a collectible blockchain trophy, like a concert tee or a poster. Given to those that helped share the DJ J $CRILLA ‘Can’t Smoke A Bitcoin’ video.”

In addition, holders of the token are also granted ownership of an animated GIF that depicts a performance by DJ Pepe. Counterparty is a level-two protocol built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that allows user to, among other things, easily create and issue unique crypto tokens or coins.

DJ Pepe

“Can’t Smoke Bitcoin” is a fun experimental song

When pressed for comment, DJ J $crilla described “Cant Smoke A Bitcoin” as “… a fun experimental song to showcase how you can use bitcoin and music to create cryptomusic and we made the first Proof Of Share token where you get rewarded with a blockchain trophy for helping to promote the song.”

Can you smoke a bitcoin? How? What do you think about crypto tokens as collectibles? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Images via DJ J $crilla

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