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Documentary Premiere and Summit to Unlock China’s Bitcoin Secrets

Documentary Premiere and Summit to Unlock China’s Bitcoin Secrets

China has played a major role in Bitcoin’s history but most still know little about the cryptocurrency community there. A new documentary, set to premiere in Beijing in September, aims to shed some light on its secrets.

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BitKan Documentary China

Crew Traveled Across China

The film, called “Bitcoin–Shape the Future”, was produced by BitKan, the OTC cryptocurrency trading platform and blockchain data service. BitKan will also host a one-day summit event in Beijing on 10th September around its first screening.

The BitKan crew traveled across China to interview key players for the film. They talked about manufacturing mining hardware in Shenzhen and Dongguan. They visited the business centers of Beijing and Hong Kong. They even trekked out to the massive mining factories in far-flung places like Inner Mongolia.

BitKan has invited over 80 international cryptocurrency companies and media outlets to the event. Attendees will hear presentations from industry visionaries, who will doubt marvel at how the scene has developed since Beijing hosted China’s first Bitcoin conference in May 2014.

Over 20 leaders from various areas of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry appear in the documentary. As well as those mentioned above, there are entrepreneurs, investors both institutional and individual, and academics who study the field.

BitKan Documentary Bitmain mining
Bitmain mining factory

Hard to Fit So Many Stories Into One Documentary

“Different people have different views on Bitcoin, so we gathered them all in this one documentary,” said BitKan’s Sandy Liang. “There was so much interesting material, it was pretty hard to edit it down.”

Liang promised the film would also reveal some secrets and mysteries in Chinese Bitcoin history — such as the once-prominent mining identify who vanished overnight, never to surface again.

It’s hard to forget the role Chinese exchanges have played in generating Bitcoin interest. And they continue to do so, despite increased restrictions.

BitKan asked the interviewees to give their opinions on key events in Bitcoin’s Chinese history — exchange hacks, government interference weigh heavily. They talk about scandals, social media outbursts and personality clashes that steered Bitcoin’s path — but which most outside China have probably never heard of.

BitKan Documentary ASIC Miner
Building ASIC Mining Hardware

‘De-Mystifying’ China’s Bitcoin Community

Despite China’s huge prominence in Bitcoin, it remains isolated to a certain extent. Internet restrictions, language barriers and a focus on different sectors mean non-Chinese have trouble keeping up with developments.

BitKan would certainly like to change that, and its representatives spend a lot of their time traveling internationally to attend conferences. The documentary and its premiere event are just one more way to “de-mystify” China and its Bitcoin community.

Speakers at the premiere/summit include some of the names who’ve helped shape and grow Bitcoin — both in China and elsewhere. Among them are Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, entrepreneur Roger Ver, Bixin CEO Wu Gang, Huobi CEO Leon Li, RSK Labs’ Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Wings CEO Stas Oskin, the DASH Core team, and BitKan’s own CEO Leon Liu.

BitKan will also livestream the event for those unable to travel to Beijing.

Would you be interested in watching the movie… or attending the premiere? Tell us what you think.

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