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Kim Dotcom Says He Has Evidence for Seth Rich’s Involvement in Hillary Leaks

Kim Dotcom is claiming that he has direct knowledge that Seth Rich, the DNC employee who was killed last July, was involved with Hillary Clinton’s email leaks.

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Dotcom Claims He Knows Seth Rich Was Involved with Leaks

According to Dotcom’s official statement, he knows this because Rich allegedly approached him, under the alias “Panda,” about starting a branch of the Internet Party in the US.

While in contact with Panda (Seth Rich), they had discussed a variety of topics such as corruption and money in politics. He had also told Dotcom that he was working on voter analytics tools believing, believing that they could be useful to the Internet Party.

Furthermore, Dotcom also claims that he has been in contact with the Rich family, saying they have reached out to him and have requested that he “be sensitive to their loss in [his] public comments.”

He goes on to write that he has consulted with his lawyers about the matter. Apparently, Dotcom is prepared to present his alleged evidence to authorities as long as he is guaranteed safe passage to the US and back to New Zealand — something that seems doubtful considering ongoing case regarding his criminal activities related to MegaUpload.

For now, Dotcom says that he will be communicating with the authorities going forward as he attempts to make the necessary arrangements to present the evidence for his claims.

Rich Family Rejects Dotcom’s Statement

Despite Dotcom willing to present evidence for his case, Rich’s family has outright denied Kim’s claim that he was in any way involved with the Clinton email leaks.

Seth Rich Kim Dotcom
Seth Rich

Indeed, the family said they were not going to entertain his “ridiculous, manipulative and completely non-credible statements.”

This was according to the family’s spokesman, Brad Bauman, who also said that the burden of proof is on Dotcom to justify his claim, or otherwise risk damaging Seth’s reputation and “creating more emotional hardship on a grieving family.”

Interestingly, Seth’s Brother Aaron Rich validated that Dotcom had contacted the family in a letter. However, the family responded to the message, saying it wanted to discuss the apparent evidence, but no response was ever given after the family had reached out.

What do you think of Kim Dotcom’s statement? Is he telling the truth? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images Via Kim Dotcom and Seth Rich

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