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Let the Decred ASIC Mining Begin! Our Review of the DragonMint B29 Blake 256

Let the Decred ASIC Mining Begin! Our Review of the DragonMint B29 Blake 256

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining has been a highly debated hot button issue over the last couple years, with most of the focus on Bitcoin mining. Recently we reviewed a Cryptonight by Baikal miner, so let’s try something a little different: a Decred miner. The DragonMint B29 Blake256 Decred miner is a 900 watt 2.3 TH/s ASIC from Halong. This machine was something of a surprise as when it was announced, as Halong had just come on the scene with an unshipped (at the time) Bitcoin ASIC. Read on to find out some more.

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Decred is a popular coin, but there hadn’t been much of a push to make ASICs for it publicly, other than a couple smaller companies who had not shipped yet. Halong recently burst on market with their Bitcoin miner and quickly announced miners for Sia, Decred and Cryptonight ASICs. Since they’re a new company many were skeptical that they could actually make them, and ship in such a short amount of time. But needless to say, this machine exists — and they are shipping. so let’s take a look at the specs and see how it performs.

The miner was provided by MyRig to review.

DragonMint B29 Blake 256 Decred ASIC Miner: Specs

DragonMint B29

  • 2.1 TH/s Decred Blake 256 (during testing 2.36 TH/s sustained)
  • 900 watt (during testing pulled 887 watts at the wall 220v)
  • Ethernet connection
  • Dual fan
  • 6x PCIe Hashboard power connections, 2 per board, plus 1 on-controller
  • 70 dB 4ft

The Age of Decred ASIC Mining Begins

The B29 arrived safely packaged with no issues. It’s the familiar tube design with a dual fan setup, three hashing boards — although being a lower power miner it only uses two PCIe power connections per board instead of the three we see on many of the higher power drawing Bitcoin miners.

Setup is quick and easy, once connected and powered on you type the IP into your browser for the control panel. The username and password is admin/dragonadmin (remember to change the password once you login). The DragonMint control panel, as we covered in our T1 review, is simple to use and set up.

DragonMint Panel

For our test, we used the Suprnova Decred mining pool. Decred uses a hybrid system of both mining and proof-of-stake for coin generation, with only a few mining pools on the network currently. That may change as more hash rate comes online.

The B29 comes up to speed quickly both locally and pool side, and to our surprise the miner ran out of the box at 2.36 TH/s at 887 watts on 220v using a MyRig 1680 watt PSU.

The specs that were reported prior to shipping were 2.1 TH/s at 900 watts. This was without even running the included optimization program in the firmware. Poolside reports fluctuated between 2.3 to 2.4 TH/s over a 24 hr period.

Conclusion: A Stable Tube Design That Performs

The DragonMint B29 is built like the T1 (i.e: very solid) following in the tried and true Antminer tube design.

One of the additions we’ve been testing DragonMint miners with is the MyRig 1680 watt PSU. They are well built with 10 PICe connections, with plenty of length on the cables so you can have the miners connected and sitting upright — or sitting on their sides without putting strain on the cables.

There is not so much slack that you end up with a massive tangle of cables. Be aware though, they only work on 220v power so if you are using 110v they will not work. So far, they have been working well for us and are not loud.

Suprnova Decred Mining PoolHalong’s short time on the market and in the industry has caused a stir, and now they are shipping it brings another choice for people to choose from when they want to buy miners.

The build quality is good on the hardware, and we will keep an eye on longevity as time goes by — and keep you updated on them.

The DragonMint B29 is a good Decred miner, fast with a good power to GH/s ratio, and it seems to be the first to the market for Decred ASICs. Unfortunately they are currently sold out, so it’s hard to say how many have shipped or when a second batch will be available.

More Miner Reviews Coming Soon

We’re not done yet! We have several more miner reviews and announcements coming, so keep an eye on our news feed. The mining industry is expanding fast with so many algorithms, manufacturers, developers and more all active and thriving — despite the heated debates surrounding them.

It is an interesting time to be a cryptocurrency miner for sure, with more goodies to test and more to talk about every week.

What are your thoughts on the DragonMint B20 Blake 256 ASIC Miner? Let us know in the comments section or on our social media.

Images via Scott

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