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Esports Champion and NA Player of the Decade Joins TriForce Tokens

Esports Champion and NA Player of the Decade Joins TriForce Tokens

Bitcoin Press Release: Danny Montaner, AKA fRoD, Former E-sports manager of FaZe Clan and World Champion Counter-Strike professional has recently joined the new cryptocurrency project TriForce Tokens as an advisor. This recent addition follows a series of other partnership that TriForce Tokens have achieved over the last several months, as they prepare for their crowdsale.

3 Feb 2018, Milton Keynes, UK – UK-based gaming startup TriForce Tokens has announced another impressive acquisition to it’s growing team, as it continues to build up steam in the run into what promises to be one of the stand-out launches of 2018. Former E-sports manager of FaZe Clan and legendary World Whampion Counter-Strike professional Danny Montaner, (AKA fRoD) has just announced his partnership with TriForce Tokens as an official advisor. The news follows recent developments in which TriForce Tokens received interest from multiple organizations in the Latin American gaming market and secured partnerships with successful venture capitalist David Drake, and Coventry University, UK.

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TriForce Tokens will look to leverage Danny’s years of experience as a professional gamer as their crowdsale and official platform launch grows nearer. Danny “fRoD” Montaner is best known for his status as a former Counter-Strike 1.6, Source and Global Offensive player and NA Player of the Decade. After a very successful career in Counter-Strike Danny moved on to coach and manage FaZe Clan’s ‘Overwatch’ lineup, as well as Esports manager for the American organization.

Danny Montaner stated in a recent interview that TriForce Tokens caught his attention with its heavy emphasis on the gaming Industries community, player protection, and security.

As a pioneer in the E-sports Industry, Danny believes that the company’s focus on all of these important issues separates them from some similarly styled startups and will ultimately engage and bring together the gaming community. The NA player of the decade also noted the multiple sources of untapped revenue generation that TriForce Tokens could offer both content creators and developer. Danny believes that the industry is crying out for profitable solutions to bring the community together, whilst offering protection for players and security for developers.

“TriForce Tokens quickly caught my attention with the aim at being a community centered token. Not only is there various forms of protection and security, there is everything you would need to engage in your community. Also, it is important to note that there are multiple sources of revenue generation that is untapped for any content creator and developer. This is something the industry lacks as there are no profitable solutions to engage in the community, while growing it and securing it”

Danny Montaner, fRoD


TriForce Teams up With David Drake

In the lead-in to TriForce tokens ICO and launch the company have forged several impressive partnerships and acquired some big names for their advisory board. Most recently The UK-based gaming startup acquired the services of renowned venture capitalist David Drake. TriForce Tokens believe that Drake’s depth of experience in managing realty, VC and hedge funds will hugely beneficial to the campaign. Drake is best known for founding the US Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and US CrowdFunding Professional Association (CfPA). Drake also possesses unique access to over 100,000 investors through The Soho Loft Media Group, sponsor of over 1000 finance conferences in over 15 years and partnering with Industry titans such as Thomson Reuters, Nasdaq, and NYSE.

LatAm Shows Interest in TriForce Tokens

TriForce Tokens was recently contacted by several organizations within the Latin American gaming market, all of which expressed a strong interest to work with the UK-based gaming startup. The Latin-American games market is the second largest in the world and TriForce Tokens recognizes the need to include such a burgeoning new landscape. TriForce Tokens plans to continue to further innovate the space and empower players with new ways to earn while playing. There are presently several organizations working within Latin American gaming industries that have voiced a serious interest in using the FORCE in their growing gaming Industry. The introduction of FORCE in the LatAm gaming market would enable players to combine all of their virtual assets into one ecosystem irrespective of title, developer, studio or platform.

In addition, the LatAm market interest the Latin American governments have been welcoming towards the development of digital gaming. The government mentioned it’s understanding of the potential growth that such developments could offer the region.

Coventry University Partnership

In late 2017 TriForce Tokens also acquired business support from established academia from  Coventry University Enterprises Limited.  Coventry University Enterprises Ltd’s award-winning Technology Park is a prestigious location that hosts some of the region’s most innovative businesses and is home to the Serious Games Institute.

About TriForce Tokens

TriForce Tokens empowers the players, giving back to those that power the industry. Providing true revenue generation options, a social hub connected directly to the entire gaming community, a unique reward and honouree system all whilst you continue playing the games you love. TriForce Tokens’ vision of a global gaming network addresses the prohibitive barriers to market entry and cross-platform communication. TriForce Tokens will offer ways to rapidly deploy common features across any platform and any game, such as tournaments, P2P trading, and peer ranking. Instead of replacing existing revenue models, the technology will assist the expansion of new revenue models.

The transparency afforded by TriForce Tokens will also foster happy, safe and ethical communities, where a unique honouree system will recognize players for collaboration and assisting others. To improve player retention, TriForce Tokens also assists developers with providing novel gaming experiences, using big data crunching and behavioral analysis to provide deep player insights.

TriForce Tokens’ blockchain solution also promises an authentication network to help developers minimize piracy concerns, while also allowing them to extract some revenue from pirated content.

The Team

TriForce Tokens is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including corporate management, online gaming, computer security and blockchain development.

Some of its key team members include:

Pete Mardell, CEO

His experience of growing with a young tech start-up and watching it grow from a 2 person operation to a 24 staffed SME and being actively involved in board meetings has fully prepared him to drive his own company forward and avoid common pitfalls.

Skilled in both LAMP and MEAN stack, Database Modelling, Computer Literacy and AGILE/LEAN methodologies and has also built games on Unity3D. Strong engineering professional graduated from Harlington Upper. Pete now seeks to take this universal gaming currency project global.

Raza Ahmed, CTO

Ahmed has vast experience as a Senior Full Stack Web Developer and qualified blockchain developer, with expertise in Solidity (Ethereum), Javascript, SQL, Node.js, and AngularJS, among others. An MSc holder in Software Development, Ahmed has developed web applications for almost eight years.

Dr Nazaraf Shah, PhD Research Engineer

An associate professor at Coventry University’s Faculty Research Centre for Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Dr Shah currently lectures in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security.

Jacob Ashby, General Manager

Ashby’s enthusiasm for learning led him to hone his leadership skills and business acumen at University of Westminster. His current role takes advantage of his experience in working with customer and client support.

Haider Malik, Senior Full Stack Developer

A Javascript expert, Malik also doubles as an instructor at learning academies Udemy and Fullstackhour.

Tyrin Davidson, Support Team Lead

Tyrin, under the name of DandyChap is a former UK competitive league of legends player.
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