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EZToken Launches Cryptocurrency-Based Rewards Program

An interesting use-case for cryptocurrencies has been gaining headway as one of the more practical applications of distributed tech: crypto-based loyalty programs. The idea is simple, but could eventually provide increased value to both consumers and retailers alike.

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While loyalty programs may not be an incredibly flashy or exciting use-case for cryptocurrency, it does offer promise as a jumping-off point for newcomers — giving them a real reason to begin using cryptocurrency in their everyday lives.

EZToken: Disintermediating the Loyalty Game

Australian-based blockchain company, EZToken, is looking to bring the benefits of a cryptocurrency-based loyalty program to real people, right now. Indeed, the company just very recently announced a live version of its decentralized rewards program that they believe will do just that.

The program uses EZtoken’s native token as a substitute to traditional loyalty points that are generally limited to a single retailer. It also fuels the decentralized, blockchain-based platform as is typical for blockchains — incentivizing disintermediated coordination.

Unlike loyalty points, cryptocurrencies are not limited to a single store — they have more universal value that can hypothetically possess an unlimited amount of liquidity and purchasing power. In other words, they can become just as valuable as fiat money if they become accepted as a means of purchase by enough people.

Thus, cryptocurrencies are more efficient then normal loyalty points because they give consumers more bang for their buck and, in addition, can never expire. This gives consumers more added value and, in turn, increases consumer loyalty among an existing customer base.

The Future is Now with EZToken

The benefits of a rewards program fueled by cryptocurrency is no longer theoretical either, as the platform is currently live and has already forged a strategic partnership to accelerate adoption.

EZToken’s partnership with Surpass Business Solutions will give the startup access to over 3,000 retailers in Australia — exponentially expanding the reach of the blockchain-based company.

The future is now with EZToken as it quickly brings on new users immediately after the beta version of its platform has launched.

Hoa Nguyen, Founder of EZToken Rewards, commented on their overall mission and the value it will and already has brought to society:

“I strongly believe cryptocurrencies will replace points and miles as the dominant loyalty currency around the world. Consumers want a loyalty program which provides them with value, flexibility on how they use that value and an assurance the value won’t be taken away from them via expiry. Cryptocurrencies are superior to loyalty points as they deliver to all three.”

About EZToken

EZToken Rewards is a global rewards program which rewards members with EZToken for transacting with participating retailers, once they’ve joined the program. As the number of retailers and members within the program grows, the demand for EZToken increases. EZToken will play a central role in mainstreaming cryptocurrency adoption, by developing a large reward program base which acts as a middle layer, allowing for easy and rapid cryptocurrency transactions

Image via EZToken

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