Sports Fan Club Network FanWide Chooses FanChain as Official Crypto

Sports Fan Club Network FanWide Chooses FanChain as Official Crypto

On Ocotober 9, 2018, SportsCastr announced that its crypto-based sports platform FanChain had been chosen by FanWide as its exclusive cryptocurrency partner for three years. FanWide is the largest online sports club network in the world, and will be using FanChain’s FANZ token for its rewards program.

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FanWide to Use FanChain Crypto for User Rewards

As part of this three-year, exclusive partnership between the two companies, FanWide will use the FANZ cryptocurrency to fuel its rewards system. In this system, FanWide users can earn FANZ by completing platform-specific tasks — such as checking in to local watch parties.

Then, users can redeem their tokens for thinks like merchandise, game tickets, or “experiences within the FanWide platform,” according to SportsCastr.


“As the first third-party platform to support FanChain, FanWide is a powerful launchpad to expand outside of SportsCastr,” SportsCastr CEO Kevin April told press on October 9.

“As the world’s largest fan club network, we have been looking for a solution like FanChain to help us to continue to engage our fans,” added FanWide president and founder Symon Perriman.

FanWide is accessible via website and a free mobile app. The platform connects sports fans of every professional US team in any city by increasing awareness of in-person meetups organized by local fanclubs. Additionally, according to SportsCastr, FanWide maintains the world’s largest database of local sports clubs.

Building Fan Communities Across the World

Since its launch in September 2016, FanWide has helped organize and promote over 750,000 local meetups and watch parties across the United States. The platform has also began developing new communities for college and international teams.


FanChain has worked since launch to build a community of its own. Recently, the blockchain platform has inked agreements with the NFL Players Association, WNBA Players association, and Friday Night Fights. The platform’s goal with these new agreements is to build and promote activities for sports fans across the US.

FanChain also has the support of multiple representatives from the US professional sports industry, receiving endorsements and backing from retired NBA commissioner David Stern, NFL tight end Vernon Davis, Syracuse Men’s Basketball coach Jim Boeheim, and NBA All-Star Steve Smith.

In the coming months and into next year, FanChain plans to meet multiple milestones on its development roadmap, which can be found on the platform’s official website. Some of these milestones include a web-based wallet launch, exchange listings for FANZ, and the launch of the “FanExchange”. More details can be found on the platform’s website.

Images via Pixabay, FanChain, FanWide

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