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Fintech Company Unveils White Paper for Decentralized ICO Platform

Fintech Company Unveils White Paper for Decentralized ICO Platform

Financial technology company Tech Bureau has set in motion the launch of their new product “COMSA” — a decentralized ICO fundraising platform built on top of the NEM blockchain.

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COMSA: The ICO Solution

COMSA aims to address uncertainties in the ICO process. It hopes to bring together all the different aspects of tokenization: token offering, sale and distribution, and subsequent listing — all on one platform.

Developers also plan to enable trustless transactions in native currencies, to eliminate the need for 3rd party agencies such as escrow services.

Furthermore, the COMSA platform will be interoperable between different blockchains. For example, it will be able to integrate seamlessly to both the NEM and Ethereum public blockchains. president, Lon Wong, commented on how the platform basically acts as another use-case for the NEM blockchain.

“COMSA showcases the whole spectrum and versatility of the NEM blockchain solution and how it can help make the ICO process more transparent and streamlined.”

Possible applications for COMSA include talent digital trading cards, an IoT authenticator and ledger, and a virtual reality world currency.

Current Capabilities and Future Aspirations

Although the platform is still under development, the team heading the project is still available to help any company interested in pursuing an ICO right now.

According to the project’s official website, the team is now ready to provide companies with consultation, expertise, and solutions to support their own ICOs.

Specifically, they can provide technical expertise by helping customers make use of the existing independent blockchains of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NEM as a means of raising money.

Additionally, they can also provide business planning and service design utilizing blockchain technology,  tokenizing mainstream assets into cyberspace assets, legal support for ICO and tokenization, and the creation of a multi-language white paper.

In the future, the development team plans integration with COMSA Core, and integration with the COMSA HUB to connect and peg between the Mijin private blockchain and public blockchains.

COMSA’s token sale is planned to launch on 2nd October 2017.

What do you think of COMSA? Does it sound like a promising project? Let us hear your thoughts.

Images via COMSA

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