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The Five Most Important People in Bitcoin Right Now

The Five Most Important People in Bitcoin Right Now

Beginning in early March, Bitcoin’s ongoing scalability problems took a turn for the worse as politics pivoted to a potential hardfork of the currency. Suddenly, the cryptosphere’s networks of important people seemed on the verge of collapse with two factions leading the charge: Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Core.

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The most prominent industry participants surrounding this debate are basically at war with one another and arguably, more than anyone else, control the fate of Bitcoin and the financial futures of those who depend on it. For this reason, they can be considered “the five most important people in Bitcoin right now”.

Without further ado, Bitsonline presents:

5. Peter Todd

Peter Todd important peopleHe is widely credited for publicizing the DDoS bug in Bitcoin Unlimited, which has influenced the debate in a major way. The bug was noteworthy because it led to 70% of Bitcoin Unlimited’s network going offline, within hours its node count had fallen from 800 to less than 250.

Peter Todd, along with the Bitcoin Core camp in general, had been critical of BU in the past, but before this discovery many of their concerns could have been chalked up to normal politics. The DDoS bug changed all of this as it seemed to vindicate him and others in the eye’s of the general public.

4. Jihan Wu

Jihan Wu important peopleWu might be one of the most beleaguered people in the Bitcoin community right now. He is the co-founder of mining hardware maker Bitmain and the owner of Antpool, which before a few days ago was the largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world. He is well-known for his support of Bitcoin Unlimited, which combined with his lead position in the mining community, has made him a very controversial figure.

3. Adam Back

Adam Back important peopleAs the CEO of Blockstream, Back is often seen as a face of Bitcoin Core due to Blockstream’s employment of the most prominent Core developers. His position as CEO gives him some serious pull regarding the debate, especially in the Core camp.

His status also makes him a frequent target of the Bitcoin Unlimited camp’s attacks. According to BU supporters, he and and Blockstream are trying to centralize developmental control over Bitcoin, allegedly supporting censorship of anything that has to do with big blocks.

2. Roger Ver

Roger Ver important people bitcoinVer is one of the most famous people in Bitcoin, period, and he happens to lead the charge on the Bitcoin Unlimited front. He often makes some of the popular arguments for the Bitcoin Unlimited alternative such as economic decentralization, financial sovereignty, and anti-censorship.

Roger Ver is also the main funder of the bitcoin development grant. Ver’s arguments often center around economics, often arguing that Core supporters simply don’t understand economics and that their solution is “bad economics“.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi NakamotoNo Bitcoin list of important people would be complete without mentioning the one who made all this possible. The creator of Bitcoin himself is almost without question the centerpiece behind the entire scalability debate. He is either explicitly or implicitly the center of every argument as both sides argue that their solution uphold Satoshi’s original vision for scaling the network.

Satoshi’s decision to limit the block size to 1MB is the entire reason why the debate is even being had in the first place. Furthermore, he is quoted by people on both sides of the debate in attempts to show that Satoshi’s original theories and opinions support their arguments. Finally, his words are seen as the hallmark of Bitcoin’s theoretical and technical purpose, and should be used to set the standard on scalability — something both camps see themselves doing.

What do you think of our list, do you agree with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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