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FortuneJack: Bitcoin Casino Supremacy

Nowadays we hear about Bitcoin gambling expansion over the internet and its evident suppression of fiat currency platforms. There are multiple reasons why crypto represents gamblers’ favorite choice for online games, and we are going to address some of the most important aspects of this article. The main idea is to show you that BTC gambling is superior to Fiat currency option, while at the same time provides the same level of gameplay enjoyment.

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Bitcoin casino advantages

When you decide to create a user account at a Bitcoin casino, there is no need to provide your personal financial information like credit card number and other sensitive data that you want to keep for yourself. Since you deposit your funds directly from your wallet, the transactions are anonymous, and there are no third parties involved, like banks or some other financial institution.

Withdrawals Are Fast

Transferring your money from a bank account takes time, sometimes even days to complete. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, operating based on a blockchain technology which means all it takes is a few seconds and your funds are deposited, with the same amount of time necessary for withdrawal. Different BTC casino platforms have different withdrawal limits, FortuneJack, one of the oldest and most reliable online casino, keeps their minimum at 0.001 BTC.

There Is a Big Chance of Winning in Provably Fair Games

The main difference between online and brick and mortar casinos is that you operate in a virtual environment with online casinos. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the platform provides fair gaming conditions. Provably fair games are the seal of trust that all reputable BTC casino venues hold. It is a system that allows you to analyze if the games are rigged in any way. Provably fair games increase your chance of winning since there is no chance for any third party involvement or infringement by the game provider.


Arguably the most important difference between BTC and Fiat currency is that BTC value is not determined by any government. Bitcoin value derives from the number of Bitcoins in circulation and the mining process. Furthermore, Fiat currency option bounds you in a geographical sense, while BTC can be used globally. This global aspect of Bitcoin prevents devaluation of the currency, which is common with Fiat as governments manage exchange rates depending on their own needs. With faster transactions and anonymity it is easy to see why it’s more logical option to go for a Bitcoin casino option.

Selection of Games

The amount of games available with any Bitcoin casino depends on the platform you choose. Overall, the choice of games is the same, sometimes even larger, than with Fiat currency casino. Anything from Black Jack to various dice and slot games, it’s all there. The best platforms on the market even allow you to bet on different sports using Bitcoin, which is currently a growing trend in the industry.

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