Making Frank Fu CEO, HBUS Crypto Marketplace Sets Eyes on U.S.

Making Frank Fu CEO, HBUS Crypto Marketplace Sets Eyes on U.S.

Upstart U.S. crypto marketplace HBUS has now brought in Frank Fu, formerly of Chinese tech powerhouse Meitu, to serve as the platform’s CEO. Fu will leverage his expertise toward helping the fledgling marketplace gain ground on more entrenched U.S. crypto competitors.

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Fu Looks to Hit the Ground Running

New San Francisco-based crypto marketplace play HBUS is beginning its bid to win over a swathe of U.S. cryptocurrency traders by bringing in highly-experienced international tech executive Frank Fu as CEO.

Fu comes to HBUS after productive stints at Meitu, Bitfone, and Kingsoft, Office Software and will be leaned on not only for his extensive executive expertise but also for his knowledge in getting his own blockchain-based startups off the ground.

Frank Fu, HBUS’ new CEO.

Of his new leadership position, Fu said he was enthusiastic and ready to lead the marketplace’s charge into the states:

“I am incredibly excited about this new role that enables me to lead the expansion of HBUS in the U.S. market. This is a compelling time in the cryptocurrency industry. I look forward to assembling a team dedicated to building a world class virtual currency and digital asset platform that offers the best customer experience, technology innovation, and regulatory compliance.”

HBUS, not a branch or subsidiary of Huobi but a stand-alone strategic partner of the Chinese exchange titan, sees its registration period opening on July 6th, 2018, and actual trading going live days later on July 10th.

Fu Already Stepping Up to the Plate

On June 26th — one day after being named HBUS CEO — Fu will waste no time in laying out his vantages of the cryptoverse, being to slated to give one of the keynote addresses at the Blockchain Connect Conference in San Jose, California.

His address, titled “Global Blockchain Industry and Prospects,” will survey some of the space’s present nuances before shifting into a discussion of where the cryptoeconomy might go from here.

Fu will be joined at the conference by other notable speakers like BTCC’s Bobby Lee, Binance Labs’ Teck Chia, and Yale University’s Computer Science Department Chair Zhong Shao.

Where Will HBUS Go?

There’s no question that newcomers HBUS will have a good deal of catching up to do in order to come shoulder to shoulder with more entrenched U.S. competitors like Coinbase, Gemini, and itBit.

On the flip side, it’s also undeniable that establishing a strategic partnership with Huobi and nabbing Frank Fu as CEO are great places to start.

With only days to go before the marketplace’s launch, one of the remaining questions is what cryptocurrencies will HBUS list and what criteria will define the scope of their listings. Nothing seems definite for now, but the company has previously outlined the factors they are looking to:

“HBUS applies a stringent virtual currency selection framework to ensure that only projects meeting the (1) best technology, (2) liquidity and (3) compliance standards are listed.”

What’s your take? Has HBUS set itself up to succeed early on with its recent moves? Do you think growing exchange saturation will be a factor they face? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via App Developer Magazine, Pixabay

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