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Major Torrent Client Frostwire Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations

Major Torrent Client Frostwire Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations

Frostwire, a popular torrenting client based on BitTorrent, has started accepting donations in Bitcoin Cash (BCC). This development marks another step forward for the forked cryptocurrency, which split off from the main Bitcoin blockchain in August.

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Frostwire Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Frostwire made the announcement on Twitter during the morning of August 25:

In the Twitter announcement, the organization linked to their website, where they have created a dedicated page for Bitcoin Cash donations.

The page displays a QR code, with the bitcoin address underneath, and a small statement about Bitcoin Cash:

“Now people from all corners of the earth, without the need for bank accounts or credit cards can support free open source software, uncensored freedom of expression, free access to knowledge and a leveled playing field for every creator willing to share digital content.”

Lastly, Frostwire linked to the “Wallets” page of the official Bitcoin Cash website, which displays several different options for storing the coin.

The acceptance of BCC marks the second cryptocurrency the open source project uses to receive donations. Previously, the organization only accepted Bitcoin and PayPal donations.

Bitcoin Cash Continues to Make Progress — Could it Become a Serious Competitor to Bitcoin?

When BCC first forked from Bitcoin, a large portion of the community expected the coin to die fairly quickly. However, mining support for BCC began growing, and those who experimented with the new currency found themselves impressed at the fast transaction times and low fees — reminiscent of Bitcoin’s earlier days.

Since then, the value of BCC has grown, and managed to reach some level of stability. It even showed strength when the entire cryptocurrency market tumbled in early September, after the Chinese government made some alarming announcements regarding future regulation of ICOs and exchanges.

However, BCC still has a long way to go in the mission to become a real competitor to Bitcoin. The forked coin is still outmatched by Bitcoin in terms of value, userbase, merchant adoption — the overall network effect.

If the developers keep pushing forward though, and BCC keeps proving itself in the markets, the day it beats Bitcoin could come eventually.

Do you think Frostwire’s acceptance of Bitcoin Cash is significant? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Image via Frostwire

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