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The Future of Bitcoin 2017 Series: Juan Garavaglia,Bitprim

The Future of Bitcoin 2017 Series: Juan Garavaglia,Bitprim

Bitcoin development is important, undoubtedly, but why is it so hard for mainstream developers to get involved? Until now, says Juan Garavaglia, the complexities of the Bitcoin technology has made the learning curve too high for most. With Bitprim, though, Garavaglia says that issue will be solved for good. 

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Bitprim: Making Bitcoin Development Accessible to the Entire World

Juan Garavaglia of Rootstock joined his team at Bitprim on stage to showcase their product and its goals. Bitprim, as the title of their presentation suggested, aims at “bringing bitcoin to everyday life.”

In essence, Bitprim is a platform for developers to help them build Bitcoin-based applications that have real-world use cases. By making Bitcoin accessible to more developers, Bitprim said, the digital currency will gain mass adoption around the world. “Our service is money,” the team said in their presentation, and they want to make better money accessible to the entire world.

Bitprim spent the remainder of their time giving an overview of the Bitprim tools and architecture. According to the team, they have already mined real Bitcoin and Litecoin blocks using these tools. The details of the platform can be viewed in the video below:

About The Future of Bitcoin 2017

The Future of Bitcoin conference took place in June-July 2017 in Arnhem, Netherlands. Presenting at the event were several high profile individuals who will be making key decisions about what Bitcoin is, and how it works, in the years to come.

This is a comprehensive video series featuring all the speakers and panels from the 2017. event. Watch them for a direct insight into the minds engaged in research and development to keep Bitcoin disruptive, decentralized, global and permissionless.

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