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Where Is the Future of Blockchain Headed? With George Levy

There is a lot of buzz around blockchain technology, and there are many different opinions on where the future of blockchain is heading. In this interview with Blockchain Institute of Technology certified instructor George Levy, Levy describes the impact of blockchain technology, how blockchain can help make the Internet more secure, and why he believes we are at the beginning of a whole new technological revolution.

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The Internet as a Force for Good


In this video, we discuss with Blockchain Institute of Technology certified blockchain and cryptocurrency instructor George Levy where the future of blockchain technology is headed.

During the interview, Levy describes his background as a founding team member for an Internet startup that was acquired by Microsoft Corporation, which placed him in the unexpected position of leading the Hotmail and Messenger platforms for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market when the September 11th attacks happened.

Having been placed by fate in that position of leadership, he recounts how the Internet (the United States had less than 50 percent Internet penetration at the time), suddenly enabled people to be able to communicate with their family and loved ones after the attacks — when the regular telephone lines became unavailable due to the overwhelming number of calls.

“September 11th happened, and that really changed my life because I had the incredible moment in time to be at the wheel controlling all the community services for Latin America and the US Hispanic market. And when the phones went down, people could not talk to their family members in New York because there was no communication. So our servers took over and we saw first-hand how being able to provide email and instant messaging to people – to be able to communicate with their family members in this moment of crisis – really changed the world.”

At that moment, Levy saw clearly the massive impact the Internet was having in the world.

The Future of Blockchain: Making the World a Better Place

As George continues, he describes how blockchain can help solve many of the problems that the Internet currently has. Issues such as “Identity theft”, “Malware” and other pressing problems, can be resolved by using blockchain technology adequately.

He explains:

“I believe we are changing the world one blockchain at a time. And if we use this technology properly, we are bound to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Want to learn more? Watch the entire interview above.

Do you agree with George Levy’s opinions on the impact and direction of blockchain technology? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Images via Blockchain Institute of Technology

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