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Gamble Skins and Bitcoin at Gamdom’s Online Casino

Looking for a secure and fun casino where you can gamble your skins? Then look no further than Gamdom.

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This online gambling site accepts CSGO, DOTA and VGO skins, vIRL items as well as Bitcoins for its provably fair games.

Gamdom’s Game Selection

Gamdom users are able to play Roulette, Crash, HiLo and TradeUp using the Gamdom coins they will receive upon depositing their skins, items and bitcoins into their account. The Gamdom coins are the platform’s own currency with which you participate in all the games.

While the first three titles are based on casino classics, TradeUp is a combination of skin gambling and trading. In TradeUp, the player bets a number of coins on a skin of his choice from Gamdom’s marketplace.
The platform also has plans of introducing a new peer-to-peer trading feature in which CSGO players can trade skins amongst themselves directly.

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Casino Platform Interface

When you first enter Gamdom’s website, you will notice that the interface has a pleasant color palette that doesn’t tire your eyes. The UI was designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind so that users can quickly find what they need on the platform. The design of every game is entertaining and features classic casino elements.

Provably Fair Games

Gamdom runs on a provably fair policy, meaning that all its games have pre-set results based on their underlying SHA 256 cryptographic distributions. The fairness of each game can be verified by searching its hash in the publicly available chain.

A separate server hosts the chain on which all the 10 million SHA 256 hashes are recorded. As all of the games can have their hashes verified and compared for any modifications, there is no way Gamdom could ever alter the results.

What Bonuses Does Gamdom Have?


In Gamdom’s chat, you will have, at some point, a blue cloud popping up. If you do see it, then you should quickly click on it, as this is the Rainbot reward feature. This bot distributes free coins to active chat users at an interval of 2-28 minutes. Keep in mind that if you have made a larger bet, you will receive a larger part from the reward.

Daily Rewards

If you have a Gamdom account that is verified, you will be able to benefit from bonuses on a daily basis. Accounts that have been verified also receive coins from the Rainbot feature. Verification involves only an SMS text from your phone.

Name Promotion

If you type “” after your Steam user name, you increase your Rainbot rewards with 50%, double your Daily Bonuses, and double your account’s XP when you level up.

If you have a higher account level, then you will receive higher bonuses.


Gamdom engages with its community by hosting various competitions and giveaways on different social media platforms. By completing simple tasks, such as posting or retweeting, players can get prizes and extra coins.
Bonus Jackpot Rounds

To reward its players with extra coins, Gamdom has created three jackpots:
When playing a round of Crash, users will have the possibility of receiving extra coins from the Crash Jackpot. The jackpot gives 75% of its coins to the player that wins the round, dividing the rest of the 25% between the other players based on how much they’ve earned.

In a similar manner, the Roulette Jackpot distributes coins to the players of a particular roulette round. The winner of the round receives 70%, those that betted on the winning colors will split the 20%, and those that have betted on the losing colors will split the 10%. How much you get from the pot depends on how much you have earned so far.

Each round, 1% of the total round bets is added to the jackpot in order to increase the value of the won percentage.

The HiLo Jackpot distributes 52% of the pot to the winner of the round, divides 30% between the players that have betted on the winning card/cards, and 18% is distributed between those that have betted on the losing colors.
Just like the Roulette jackpot, the Hilo jackpot has 0.1% of the total bets from each round incorporated into it.

Instant Cash Out

Gamdom allows players to cash out their skins, items and Bitcoins in an instant. Bitcoin transfers have a faster processing speed unlike other withdrawal methods, and it comes with no fees at all.

Customer Support

The Gamdom support team can be contacted not through one, but three emails addresses for support, marketing, and technical issues. The staff is ready to respond to any questions that a user might have at any time of the day.

By browsing the site, players can find the FAQ section where more answers are provided to other Gamdom-related queries.

Gamdom is a Bitcoin casino that stands out through its amazing skin gambling games and rewarding bonuses.

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