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Juan Garavaglia of Bitprim: How Bitcoin Cash Began and Where It’s Going

Bitprim was one of the first companies to support Bitcoin Cash development and continues to drive its progress. Founder and CEO Juan Garavaglia chatted to Bitsonline at BCH’s first anniversary about why it’s been worthwhile, and where he sees it going from here.

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Garavaglia ‘Surprised’ at the Variety of New BCH Projects


Garavaglia says he “was surprised too” at the various moves to build contract and token creation protocols for BCH, but predicts we’re going to see a lot of new products available over the next few months.

There are still many who’d prefer to just focus on building a better form of electronic cash, but there’s no doubt blockchains with more flexibility to perform more complex tasks will gain attention, and potentially a greater market cap.

BCH needs these layers to remain competitive with those projects, which “are everywhere” now, he says. “Just money is not totally attractive to the market right now.”

Bitcoin Cash’s Origin Story

Garavaglia takes us back to where the idea of Bitcoin Cash first appeared, around the so-called “Hong Kong Agreement” of 2016 which drew miners and developers from around the world to propose solutions on how Bitcoin could scale.

He became convinced that segregated witness (SegWit) as a scaling solution was a dead-end road, and said Bitcoin needed to expand to 32MB transaction blocks instead. Compromise and combination solutions satisfied nobody, eventually leading to a necessary “divorce” for Bitcoin scaling advocates in August 2017.

And like any divorce, one party gets the house while the other needs to rebuild. Garavaglia notes the role the mining community has played in supporting BCH — “they’re the only nodes you can’t remove from the network.”

Watch the 10-minute interview above to get a clearer picture of BCH’s current state, and how people like Juan Garavaglia think it will succeed.

Argentina-based Bitprim works to develop a number of products to support various major blockchains including Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Its best-known are the BCH browser/explorer Blockdozer, the Bitprim Node version of the original “Satoshi client” software for BTC, BCH and LTC, plus the Blockdrome Ethereum explorer.

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Images and video via Jon Southurst, Bitsonline

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