Friday, February 3, 2023

Gavin Andresen Drops Bombshell: Bitcoin Cash is the Real BTC

Gavin Andresen Drops Bombshell: Bitcoin Cash is the Real BTC

Gavin Andresen, Satoshi Nakamoto’s first choice to take his place as Bitcoin’s lead developer, just dropped the gauntlet on Twitter. Andresen declared that Bitcoin Cash is the true heir of the Bitcoin legacy. The tweet comes after remaining relatively quiet during the more recent, raging scaling debates. 

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While Bitcoin OG dev Gavin Andresen doesn’t want to be the “king of Bitcoin” per old comments to USA TODAY, he’s certainly put his foot down in the ongoing BTC scaling debate in a decisive way.

That’s because Andresen just took to his Twitter and, in the aftermath of the SegWit2x cancellation drama, seemingly officially endorsed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the “real” Bitcoin chain.

Andresen’s referring to the fact that a large faction of the incumbent BTC chain supporters have grown content with the #1 crypto becoming mainly a value store — this dynamic being evidenced, of course, in this faction’s growing willingness to endure BTC’s runaway transaction fees.

bitcoin cash
r/btc Redditor u/MemoryDealers points out an exorbitant BTC fee.

With the Bitcoin Cash community aiming to keep transaction fees low while also fostering BCH as a value store, Gavin Andresen’s seen enough to finally throw his chips in with BTC’s up-start rival.

It also doesn’t hurt that, unlike the incumbent Bitcoin chain, the BCH blockchain still maintains Satoshi Nakamoto’s genesis block and also appears to have scaled in line with Nakamoto’s original vision for scaling.

Bitcoin Classic Shutters, Endorses Bitcoin Cash As the True Bitcoin, Too

In the wake of the SegWit2x cancellation, the Bitcoin Classic project announced that they’d be permanently ending their operations.

In their address to the community, they declared their official support for BCH and said that the coin’s community should be the ongoing steward of the Nakamoto’s original project:

“The fact that the Legacy chain is stuck at 1 MB, and likely always will be, confirms the Cash chain’s viability.

“It is now up to you which chain will gain the most traction. It is now up to the next billion people to start to use Bitcoin Cash.”

Those are fighting words for supporters of the incumbent Bitcoin chain. But it’s clear for now that the “Game of Coins” fight for supremacy between BTC and BCH is only just beginning.

What’s your take? Do you side with Andresen, do you think Bitcoin Cash will soon reclaim the title of the “real” Bitcoin? Be sure to sound off in the comments below!

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