Emerald Backed GEMERA Token Announces Initial TGE on 10th September

Emerald Backed GEMERA Token Announces Initial TGE on 10th September

Even with all the benefits cryptocurrencies and tokens bring, such as cheaper and faster transaction, along with transparency and security; one thing that has always been an issue for many is the price volatility. Blockchain based coins and tokens are notorious for massive gains and equally massive drops in value.

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This, although bringing a lot of profit opportunities, has also been a drawback, since the fluctuations mean many potential uses of the technology is downplayed by the unpredictable token value. Some attempts have been made to stabilize, such as tethering tokens against dollars or other currency, but that does not bring in value addition and makes it unattractive to investors.

Colombian Emeralds

Colombia is famous for its quality gem production, specifically emeralds. The multi-million dollar industry has grown exponentially with a $10,000,000,000 USD global market. Most of the gems in the trade (90%) are used in value addition products such as jewelry, while the rest is used used by people as an investment option.

The value of emeralds are only increasing over time and it is projected that in the next ten years, nearly half of all emeralds produced in Colombia will be acquired as an investment opportunity.

GEMERA: Emerald Backed Token

Many people who wish to invest in Colombian emeralds are very cautious, since they do not possess the skills and the eye for selecting an emerald that has the perfect cuts and is free from flaws. A bad judgement by an inexperienced person can result in loss of investment.

GEMERA is an emerald trading decentralized platform that solves this issue and creates a marketplace where top notch emeralds can be traded. Using blockchain, the platform creates a marketplace that gets rid of intermediaries and commission agents who just raise the market price of emeralds, without actually doing any value addition.

The tokens will be fully backed by actual emeralds, thus the token value in the market will be equal to the gem stored by the platform. In order to bring true transparency to the GEMERA tokens, the platform will conduct regular third party audits of its stored emeralds and make the information public.

People wishing to invest in emeralds, thus, will not require any special knowledge of the industry and can simply acquire the tokens, which will increase in value equal to the green gems. Investors will also have a higher level of liquidity available to them as they will be able to trade or cash out the tokens at anytime they want.

Initial Token Distribution

GEMERA has recently announced its initial token distribution event, where the ERC20 compliant Ethereum based GEMERA will see 12,000,000 tokens up for investors on 10th September. The first 2,000,000 will carry a 20% discount, with the rest having 15%. The token will be available for a base price of 1 GEMA = 1 USD. Proceeds from the investments will be made to acquire actual emeralds in collaboration with the industry’s finest experts and producers.

For more information on the emerald backed token, visit their website: https://www.gemera.io/

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