Can't Blame 'Em: Google Recruiter Politely Pings Vitalik Buterin

Can’t Blame ‘Em: Google Recruiter Politely Pings Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin sarcastically asked in a since deleted tweet whether he should join Google, posting a poll alongside a screenshot of a brief recruitment email. It’s no surprise a top tech giant made a pass at one of the cryptoverse’s top talents, but Buterin presumably has a million and one things on his plate in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

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A Tongue-in-Cheek Tweet

Bringing in Vitalik Buterin would be the recruitment of a lifetime for virtually any tech recruiter. Accordingly, one engineering-focused Google recruitment contractor recently emailed Buterin in a bout of “you can’t blame ’em” due diligence.

Buterin tweeted an unredacted portion of the email today, May 20th, before quickly deleting it, presumably out of respect for the recruiter’s privacy. A Reddit thread on r/Ethereum corroborating the existence of the tweet was deleted on that basis as well.

Along with a screenshot of the email, which we’ve redacted to omit the recruiter’s name, Buterin posted an apparently sarcastic poll asking what he should do:


If Buterin was seriously interested in a career migration, he certainly wouldn’t be seeking guidance from a Twitter poll, betraying the tongue-in-cheek nature of the tweet. He didn’t immediately respond to my request for comment, though I will update this article if he chooses to.

Even still, the episode surely highlights how Buterin’s abilities are in high demand in the highest of places — not that he has any shortage of meticulously-charted plans for his own talents as it is.

Google on the Brain, Just Not That Way

In a bit of Twitter dialogue concerning Artificial Intelligence just days ago, Buterin tweeted at Google in musing on the argument of an article from The Verge, the crux of which is how data collection could go wrong in reshaping society.

The Ethereum co-creator noted AIs guiding humanity seems “fundamentally reasonable,” but the issue gets prickly when it comes to determining if AIs’ goals can be separated from Google’s:

Buterin then pivoted to a more political point, arguing that public choice theory literature suggests that centralized institutions like Google are prone to eventual corruption, which is hugely relevant where AI is concerned:

It’s an idea that circles back to why Buterin created Ethereum in the first place: to see if it wasn’t possible to use decentralization to push beyond the pitfalls of the innovators of yore.

What’s your take? Do you think Google’s aiming a little too high in trying to poach Vitalik? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Images via Reddit, Digital Trends

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