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GTEX Officially Announces Its Establishment During APPG Blockchain Summer Reception in the UK Parliament

On the afternoon of July 16th, UK-based cryptocurrency exchange GTEX officially announced its establishment during the UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Blockchain Summer Reception.

This is a press release provided by GTEX

As a cryptocurrency exchange in the UK, GTEX Group has always been committed to building a real blockchain ecosystem that brings real value to the blockchain industry. It also strives to provide the highest quality professional services to blockchain start-ups, and traditional industries that are undergoing transformation by employing blockchain technology.

GTEX APPG UK meeting

GTEX Co-Founder Gong Hui Presents Vision

During the APPG Blockchain Summer Reception, GTEX co-founder Hui Gong delivered a speech, announcing that the GTEX exchange was formally established and also conveying to the world GTEX’s philosophy of improving the blockchain industry.

Blockchain technology is highly likely to be widely adopted in more different aspects of society. According to APPG Blockchain’s survey, by 2018, blockchain technology is regarded by 225 companies, 180 investors and 20 technological centers as a driver of future technological advancement within the UK.

GTEX APPG UK blockchain ecosystem

Recently, the APPG revealed plans to create a “government-backed blockchain” committee to help the UK government to explore the best ways to utilize blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in real-world applications.


At this parliamentary meeting, APPG Blockchain invited 11 experts and consultants working in different aspects of blockchain technology, including GTEX co-founder Gong Hui and Yuet Chau. In addition, Gong Hui was invited to give a speech in the parliament and share the idea of GTEX blockchain ecosystem with all the participants at the reception.

At the same time, at the invitation of GTEX, Lily Chai, Chairman of Yifan Financial Technology Co., Ltd., together with the Chinese government leaders, also participated in the APPG Blockchain Reception in the parliament building. They all witnessed this important moment of GTEX Group’s establishment!

GTEX APPG UK meeting
Obi Nwosu, CEO of the UK’s largest cryptocurrency over-the-counter trading platform Coinfloor, exchanges ideas with Gong Hui and Yuet Chau, co-founders of GTEX
GTEX APPG UK meeting
Damien Moore, co-chairman of APPG Blockchain and Member of Parliament, is talking friendly with Gong Hui and Yuet Chau, co-founders of GTEX
GTEX APPG UK meeting
Gong Hui, co-founder of GTEX, introduces blockchain insiders at the event to GTEX’s ecosystem ideas.
GTEX APPG UK meeting
Member of Parliament, Rt Hon.Grant Shapps, delivers a speech about blockchain technology applications
GTEX APPG UK meeting
Brigitte Andersen, CEO and co-founder of Big Innovation Center, welcomes all participants to the conference

At the conference, Gong Hui, co-founder of GTEX, was invited to deliver a speech. Gong Hui said that he has been engaged in blockchain research for many years. He hopes to find a way of realizing sustainable development of the blockchain industry.

After years of practice, he has decided to realise this idea by establishing the GTEX Group at the APPG Blockchain parliamentary meeting. He also noted that he will spare no effort in building the blockchain ecosystem. The GTEX blockchain ecosystem will bring true value to the blockchain industry both in China and the UK.

To learn more about GTEX, visit its homepage and join the official Telegram group.

Images via GTEX

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