Your Guide to TNABC 2019 in Miami and All The Events Surrounding It

Your Guide to TNABC 2019 in Miami and All The Events Surrounding It

It’s 2019 and that time of year again–TNABC. TNABC 2019, the North American Bitcoin Conference, is coming back to Miami for the eighth straight year. It was one of the first conferences to form during the early days of bitcoin, and continues to be a premier event that draws thousands of crypto enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. This year will feature the usual roundup of presentations and networking events, as well as a whole host of local auxiliary events that have sprung up around the well-attended Miami conference.

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What to Expect at TNABC This Year

The North American Bitcoin Conference, or TNABC, will launch on the evening of January 16th. As always, the annual kickoff party will be hosted at The Clevelander on South Beach, Miami.

January 17th and 18th will be packed full of presentations, various panels, and ICO pitch sessions. This year will feature over 60 different speakers to present on various topics related to cryptocurrency. Some of the more notable speakers include Marshall Long, Marco Santori, Brian Hoffman, Jeremy Gardner, Bruce Fenton, Jeffrey Tucker, Charlie Shrem, Brock Pierce, Patrick Byrne, Lyn Ulbricht, and many more.

The opening talk on the first day of presentations will be David Chaum, cryptographer and inventor of digital cash. He will be discussing his new project, Elixxer, a private blockchain platform.

In addition to a flurry of other speakers, the first day of the conference will also include sessions for ICO pitches and the Regulation Panel. The Regulation Panel will feature Jacob Farber, Alexia Hefti, Maja Vujinovic, and Veronica McGregor. In the evening, there will be a networking event at The Wharf, along the Miami River.


Lyn Ulbricht to Deliver a Message From Ross

The final day of the conference will feature an opening presentation by Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht. She will be discussing the impact that her son’s legal case has had on the crypto community, and is also expected to relay a message from Ross.

There will also be ICO pitch sessions, as well as a number of panels. These include the investment panel, the payments panel, security tokens panel, and a fireside chat with Moe Levine, the founder of TNABC.

The evening will be topped off with the Alpha Wine Dinner. This dinner will be a private event for regulators and members of the crypto industry to meet in a relaxed setting. Those who are interested in receiving an invitation to this event may send a request to: [email protected].


Test Your Skills at the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon

The Miami Bitcoin Hackathon has been going on for almost as long as the Miami Conference. Originally started as a maximalist response to the heavy altcoin presence at TNABC, the hackathon has since grown and this year it will become an official part of the conference.

The Bitcoin Hackathon was conceived and is sponsored by BitStop, a local BTM operator based in Miami. The kickoff party for the Hackathon will be on January 18th. Contestants will have 25 hours to hack together their bitcoin related app, starting on January 19th through the 20th. Five prizes will be awarded, ranging from two whole bitcoins for first prize, down to 0.05 BTC for fifth prize.

For those who may need to brush up on their coding skills before entering the competition, this year the Hackathon has teamed up with Buidl Bootcamp to offer a 2-day accelerated course that teaches blockchain development on the bitcoin network. The Buidl Bootcamp will be held prior to the start of TNABC on January 14th-15th, and is taught by Justin Moon.


Decentralize Your TNABC Experience by Attending Local Auxiliary Events

An interesting new development this year is the increased number of new crypto events that have sprung up around TNABC. While these events are not officially endorsed by TNABC, they should nonetheless be very interesting for any crypto enthusiast or professional to attend.

The party starts early with the Crypto Cocktails Club event on January 15th at the Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse. This is a free event that will feature networking, a happy hour at the bar, and a presentation about the local crypto scene in Miami.

Following the presentation, dinner will be served for an extra fee. For those more interested in a technical event, ETHmiami will also be having a meetup on the 15th. They will be discussing security and scaling on the Ethereum blockchain.

The ASROC crypto trading conference will be held on January 16th. This event is targeted towards business executives and crypto traders. It explores:

“… exchanges, automated trading bots, mass adoption, statistical analysis, [arbitrage], trading technology, and trading strategies.”

This conference is a good option for those interested in getting together to discuss candlesticks before heading over to South Beach later that evening for the TNABC kickoff party.

January 17th will feature the LISK Miami Blockchain Meetup at the WeWork coworking space. The meetup will include free food and drinks, giveaways, a presentation by the LISK Ambassador, and a live demonstration of the LISK mobile app and wallet.

In Addition, X Premier Night will be hosted by BlokTech on January 17th at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel.  It will offer networking sessions for investors and crypto enthusiasts, as well as Q/A sessions with the sponsors.

Another very interesting event being held on January 17th through the 18th is the Supply Chain 2.0 Conference, hosted by the Florida Blockchain Foundation. This conference focuses on discussing blockchain technologies for applications related to logistics and supply chain management. Some of the speakers presenting at this event include Jeremy Gardner and Bitsonline’s very own George Levy.


There will be a few different auxiliary events on January 18th as well. They include the Official Launch Party for Bitcoin Center-Miami, IDMoney xMiami Token Hackathon, and the Miami Monster Digital Securities Event.

The Bitcoin Center will be launching their new Miami location with an Official Bitcoin Center Launch Party.  It will be hosted at the Miami Supercar Room.  The event is free, and free transportation will be provided by Bitmobile from the TNABC venue to the Launch Party location.  There will be chances to win free cryptocurrency, as well as a special message from Nick Spanos.

The IDMoney xMiami Hackathon, in collaboration with the Miami Blockchain Society, is part of the xDisrupt Conference by BlokTech.  It is focused on incentivizing developers to use cryptocurrency and tokenization technologies for the purpose of helping the homeless and other under served communities. In addition, representatives from IDMoney, HomelessGO App, and Miami Token will be speaking about their latest innovations and success with helping under served communities.

The Miami Monster Digital Securities Event is hosted by and will also take place on the 18th at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel. This conference will focus on security tokens and will feature a panel of experts. The panel is comprised of Jesus Rodriguez, Juan Hernandez, Bradford Stephens, Tal Elyashiv, and Katya Fisher. They will be discussing issuing and managing compliant digital securities on the blockchain.

Miami Blockchain Week At-a-Glance

There are certainly a wide array of events to choose from this year. It can get a bit overwhelming to keep track of them all. Here is a list of all the events described above in outline form for ease of reference:

[UPDATE January 13th 2019]: This article has been updated to include more events.

Are you planning to come to Miami during the week of TNABC? What speakers are you most looking forward to listening to? Are you planning on attending any of the other local events going on in conjunction with the conference? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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