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Hamster Marketplace Announces Development and ICO for Q4 2018

Hamster Marketplace Announces Development and ICO for Q4 2018

Bitcoin Press Release: UK-Based Hamster Marketplace give details of their roadmap, ethos and platform operation, and announce their ICO, which is set for Q4 of 2018 – The final date is to be announced at the end of the month.

November 7th, 2017, London, United Kingdom — “Hamster Marketplace” is aiming to develop the world’s first mainstream blockchain based online marketplace. Disrupting a space which has traditionally been dominated by household names such as Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba. Hamster Marketplace will bring the benefits of the Blockchain to this space – Improvements which it believes are well needed, and will be well received. Funding the development of the project will be the Hamster Marketplace ICO sale – Where the Native ERC20-Based HMPT Tokens will be available for purchase.

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Marketplaces in Recent Times

In recent times, centralised marketplaces like Ebay, Alibaba and Amazon have catered increasingly toward large-scale manufacturers and resellers. These platforms benefit those with a larger advertising budget, more sales, and a higher amount of product diversification, based on SEO and analytics at work within the marketplaces. Larger companies also have access to entire teams of sales professionals, whereas start-ups and sole traders likely handle this side of the business themselves or with vastly-reduced manpower. The stifling of small-enterprise-created technological advances and discoveries is thusly high; would both small businesses and the consumer market not be better off in the long-run if there were a marketplace which catered especially for those at the “bottom of the ladder”?

Enter Hamster Marketplace – Who are building a transparent and fair, decentralized platform focused on niche electronics, where customers and innovators meet and make deals with no extra charges from intermediaries. On Hamster Marketplace, millions of customers will receive a unique range of one-of-a-kind products and thousands of vendors from all over the world will get access to markets that they do not currently have access to. The idea for a decentralised trading platform which would be managed by the producers and in the interests of the producers themselves came to the CEO of Hamster Marketplace LLP, Russian entrepreneur and electronics producer Denis Bulavin.

How will the Market Function?

The function of the market will use the Blockchain to not only guarantee authenticity of all payments and transactions effected across Hamster Marketplace, but to directly connect Vendors to Customers, taking advantage of the Blockchain’s ever-potent ability to harness big data, and seamlessly connect users. Hamster Marketplace will charge a significantly lower fee for use of its’ platform than traditional marketplaces, by cutting out intermediaries and payment processors, who have been traditionally expensive and often slow in delivery in the past.

Additionally, Hamster boasts the only Vendor-controlled market, preventing crowding-out or overrule with unfair fees or policies in the future from marketplace owners. Hamster Marketplace will provide differing benefits to stakeholders, ranging from Customers, to Producers, and the Participants in the ICO process. These can be found below:

For buyers and technology fans

  • A unique set of gadgets and electronics
  • Inventions, DIY, and products for any needs
  • Selective offers without fakes and at the manufacturer’s price

For producers

  • Large audience with a demand for niche electronics
  • Minimum costs for positioning and promotion
  • The ability to take their sales and production to a new level

For ICO participants

  • Early access to platform testing
  • Discounts from producers

Hamster Market ICO

At this stage, Hamster Marketplace is ready to announce the start of its’ ICO-campaign with a special range of bonuses for the participants. 14,000,000 HMT Tokens will be available during the ICO process, with $28,000,000 in funding being sought in total. Conversion rate will be $2/HMT, with participants able to swap their ETH for HMT, at the mutual exchange rate in USD. Upon completion of the ICO, unused HMT will be burnt to preserve the value of the tokens.

The early investors will be the first to get access to platform testing, as well as a number of discounts from the producers. Participants are welcome to take part in the ICO of HMT tokens, and will be able to find the start-date of the ICO by the end of November. Visit the Hamster Marketplace Website to subscribe to updates about the ICO.

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Media Contact:

Name: Denis Bulavin
Location: London, United Kingdom

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