BCH Hash War Over? Bitcoin SV Implements Replay Protection

BCH Hash War Over? Bitcoin SV to Implement Replay Protection

Calvin Ayre has called for a “retreat to Bitcoin SV” upon his CoinGeek outlet hailing a “permanent split from Bitcoin Cash (BCH)” and an end to the Bitcoin ABC-Bitcoin SV hash war. As such, the BSV project will now move toward implementing replay protection on their chain. 

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Hash War Over, Says CoinGeek

The schism between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV has been finalized as Bitcoin SV’s backers, namely Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek and blockchain development company nChain, are embracing a “permanent split from Bitcoin Cash (BCH).”

That’s per CoinGeek, which, in announcing that update, declared on November 26th an end to the “hash war triggered by the November 15, 2018 [BCH] network upgrade.”

That hash war, spearheaded from the get-go by SV’s camp over technical roadmap disagreements, saw CoinGeek and nChain face off against BCH lead implementers Bitcoin ABC and ABC’s allies in a proof-of-work battle for the BCH chain.

Bitcoin SV’s market performance from Nov. 25th-26th. BSV leaves “BCH” behind. Image via CoinBillboard.

Before the fireworks, nChain CTO Craig Wright had said there would be “no split.”

Yet ABC took off to a quick lead in the “war” and never looked back, its chain having since been awarded the BCH ticker symbol by a growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges. That reality meant the ball was in the SV team’s court to either 1) keep fighting on unprofitably, or 2) embrace a chain split.

Option Two Selected

Calvin Ayre acknowledged his acceptance of a permanent chain split earlier on Twitter, saying “to preserve value retreat to Bitcoin SV.”

“We look forward to out-competing BCH (and BTC) in the marketplace, rather than in further chain battles,” Ayre told CoinGeek.

Up next for SV then is the implementation of replay protection, which guards against replay attacks. Such attacks involve copying transactions from one chain to another, in this case between BCH and BSV and vice versa.

No schedule for that implementation has yet been declared.

“The timeline will be announced when there is adequate ecosystem readiness,” Bitcoin SV Technical Director Steve Shadders said.

Ecosystem Wounded — Where to Next?

While talks of chain splits, hash wars, and replay attacks have dominated the BCH ecosystem this autumn, there have been prices to pay for the ensuing uncertainty.

For one, BCH was acutely removed from Coinbase’s “Coinbase Bundle” cryptocurrency basket.

Likewise, the creators of the new Amun Crypto Basket ETP in Switzerland originally intended to include bitcoin cash in their basket but were forced to hold off over custodial concerns in the wake of the ABC-SV schism.

These are but two examples, but they highlight that the hash war has indeed had real-world impacts.

What’s your take? Do you think Bitcoin SV has a future or not? Sound off in the comments below. 

Images via CoinBillboard, Pixabay

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