HBUS Crypto Exchange Opens Up Deposits for U.S.Traders

HBUS Crypto Exchange Opens Up Deposits for U.S. Traders

New San Francisco-based U.S. crypto marketplace HBUS, a strategic partner of exchange powerhouse Huobi, has announced that U.S. traders can start depositing select cryptocurrencies into their platform as of 1PM EDT today, July 6th. The marketplace will be greenlit for full operability four days later on July 10th.

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U.S. Traders Get Yet Another Option

On July 6th, crypto marketplace HBUS kicked off its bid to service America’s increasingly sizable nook of the cryptoeconomy in opening up registrations to U.S. traders and supporting deposits of nine top cryptocurrencies.

HBUS: the latest crypto marketplace on the block.

The nine inaugurally accepted assets are as follows:

The HBUS marketplace will be fully launched on July 10th, with the platform running a contest in the window between the current opening of registrations and the launch. Users who register before 2:59AM EDT on July 10th will automatically be rewarded with 30 days of “zero-fee trading,” while simultaneously being entered into sweepstakes for other crypto-centric prizes.

To be announced are the platform’s specific trading pairs, which will be revealed on July 10th.

To Push Ahead, Frank Fu’s In

To further its mission of becoming an elite crypto service provider in its own right in the U.S., HBUS named Frank Fu as its CEO in June 2018.

Fu, who’s previously had reputable executive stints at Bitfone and Meitu, has accordingly been tasked with charting HBUS’s path forward in America — mission number one being to sway over both seasoned traders and newcomers to the latest crypto market to open in the U.S.

Fu to lead HBUS’s early march into U.S.

With peers like Coinbase and Gemini, it’s undeniable that HBUS has some heavyweight competition. Yet with hires like Fu’s and with the official opening of deposits and registrations, HBUS has an undeterred eye toward the horizon.

Indeed, with the cryptoeconomy being fledgling in general, HBUS may in fact prove to be early, not late. Only time will tell for now.

What’s your take? Does HBUS stand a fighting chance of catching up with America’s top crypto exchanges? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Images via HBUS, Pixabay

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