HodlCast Ep. 58 – 2019 Predictions from Prominent Bitcoin Personalities

HodlCast Ep. 58 – 2019 Predictions from Prominent Bitcoin Personalities

Listen to a rogue’s gallery of cryptocurrency personalities cast their vision into the future and give us their takes on what 2019 holds for the world of crypto in this special new years episode of the HodlCast. See what the experts are saying.

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The Year Ahead

Follow our host, Sasha Hodder, as she collects forecasts from the far reaches of the crypto community, from new ICO and Blockchain CEOs to veterans of the space, Tone Vays and Junseth among them. Predictions vary as dramatically as the contributors, ranging from apocalyptic soothsaying to wishes for lofty all-time-highs.

Sharper listeners will also pick up a hidden message from DJ Pepe if they read between the lines, and enjoy a few skits from personalities like Mike in Space and Theo Goodman. Comedy isn’t the only divergence from predictions, though: there’s also a heartfelt message from Lyn Ulbricht, and a warm, fuzzy, motivational sendoff that’ll leave you looking forward to the new year.

The Year That Was

2018 has been a roller coaster of uncertainty if you’re a crypto enthusiast, and while the markets may have taken a hit in these last few months, the damage to the faithful’s confidence might be even greater.

We’ve seen SEC seizures, bad regulation, fraudsters, false prophets, and criminals benefit from ICO mania. We’ve had people come in blind and get burned, and we’ve seen the mainstream media label us as evil, or worse, incompetent. A little optimism is a healthy addition to anyone entrenched in our world, and this episode will provide that in spades.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of cryptocurrency people, though, this podcast probably has something for you. You can hang on the predictions, or laugh at the folly of them. Either way, it’s worth a listen and consideration when you’re making your own new years crypto-resolutions. If nothing else, you’ll get a kick from the skits and gaffs in the spirit of the holidays.

Sound off below. Whose HodlCast prediction will prove right? What’s your prediction for crypto in 2019?

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