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How Do I Get Some Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of money, so you can get it just like you would any other currency. Everyone knows how to make money… right? Here’s a few of our suggestions.

Note: You can buy bitcoin in any amount. You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin unit. You can even get $1 worth of bitcoin just to experiment with, if you want.

Trade it — for currencies you already hold. You can do this at online exchanges, or with other individuals, either online or in-person. There are also hundreds of automatic machines worldwide (a.k.a. “Bitcoin ATMs” or “BTMs”) which can exchange cash for bitcoin and often vice-versa.

Bitcoin meetup groups in your local area are also a great (and trustworthy) place to get your first bitcoins. Most members are enthusiasts who’ll be happy to introduce you, sell you any amount of bitcoin, and show you what to do with it. Searching “bitcoin” on is a great place to start.

In-person trading is becoming popular. It might depend on how you feel about meeting and trading with strangers, though. One option is LocalBitcoins (to see who’s in your physical area). BitKan also has a mobile app to match individuals trading in your currency, wherever you are in the world.

A Few Other Ways to Get Bitcoin

Earn it — many businesses now pay employees in bitcoin. Even if your employer does not, services exist to exchange part or all of your salary for bitcoin. There are also many websites and messages boards on places like Reddit that advertise jobs that pay in bitcoin.

Mine it — these days, this is usually done by large-scale operations. See the Bitcoin Mining section for more details.

How do you get bitcoin? Any advice to make it easier? Let us know.

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