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Hundreds of Ethereum Devs Interviewed for New Report

A new report has been released that hopes to highlight the challenges facing Ethereum developers. The community behind ETHPrize, which published the report, interviewed more than 100 Ethereum devs to identify development issues.

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Report Looks at Challenges Facing Developers

The goal of the ETHPrize Report is to “showcase the biggest frustrations and opportunities” in the Ethereum development community. The authors of the report spent four months interviewing more than 100 developers to determine what issues were holding up the ecosystem. Andy Tudhope, who is affiliated with, said in his announcement of the report that:

“A whole community of awesome people spent nearly 4 months sitting down for an hour each with over 100 developers in order to understand their biggest frustrations; the tools they use most often; how they handle security, testing and verification; the best educational resources they have used to get where they are; and the many others ideas, products, and services they are excited to see on web3.”

The interviews can be searched for by topics and projects. For example, readers who click on “Truffle” will be shown a list of interviews that mention that term. Tudhope also said that ETHPrize was looking for help in manually tagging the interviews. After that, the group plans to use machine learning to categorize future interviews, as well as Ethereum-related blog posts. Additionally, ETHPrize is offering a submission form that developers can fill out to help with the project.

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$500,000 in Bounties From ETHPrize

ETHPrize is a project that arranges bounties to identify and solve the biggest challenges facing Ethereum’s development. It is supported by several crypto startups, including 0x, Toshi, Status, Truebit, L4 Ventures, as well as the Web3Foundation and the Ethereum Community Fund.

ETHPrize is currently offering two development bounties of $250,000 USD each. The first is for an Ethereum package manager and the second is for an open source block explorer. Both of these are what ETHPrize calls “active bounties”.

Ethereum Development Continuing

Ethereum was in the news earlier this month when Google co-founder Sergey Brin told journalists at a blockchain conference in Morocco that he had been mining the crypto with his son. And back in May, Brin said in a company letter that there was currently a “boom in computing” that was due in part to “GPU-friendly proof-of-work algorithms found in some of today’s leading cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum.”

The latest major development with regard to marquee scaling projects for Ethereum, such as Sharding and Plasma, was the arrival of the Casper testnet on the Parity Ethereum client in May. A month earlier, Vitalik Buterin tweeted out a link to the Ethereum research code repository with the text, “Sharding is coming.”

There are multiple groups working on various implementations of sharding, including Prysmatic Labs, which recently discussed the idea of using a sidechain called a beacon chain to avoid network bottlenecks. However, there are no firm deadlines for when any scaling solutions will be ready, leaving an air of uncertainty around the project and the price of ether.

Have your say. Will ETHPrize achieve what it hopes to achieve from its report?

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