Monday, December 5, 2022

Powerhouse IBM Nudges U.S. Congress Toward the Blockchain Craze

Powerhouse IBM Nudges U.S. Congress Toward the Blockchain Craze

Put “influential” and “technology” together, and you get multinational computing innovator IBM. Which is why it’s all the more impressive that IBM is now throwing its weight behind convincing the U.S. Congress that they should jump on the blockchain bandwagon … like, yesterday.

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IBM VP: USA Can “Lead Blockchain”

In an appearance before Congress this week, IBM vice president of blockchain tech Jerry Cuomo practically begged the assembled politicos to fully embrace blockchain innovations, stating:

“There is an opportunity for the United States to build upon its momentum to lead blockchain by doing. We should focus our efforts on projects that can positively impact US economic competitiveness, citizens, and businesses.”

Indeed, Cuomo is really just stating the obvious. As an economic and industrial world power, America has the ability to become an economic leader in the blockchain space, if only the nation’s leaders begin to earnestly dive into the cryptoverse’s potential.

Cuomo pictured.

With the reputation of IBM behind him, though, Cuomo can really drive home what blockchain-naive U.S. Congressmen don’t already know. During his hearing, Cuomo noted the possibilities were practically endless, insofar as blocktech could be used to revolutionize taxation, supply chains, and much more.

Cuomo’s Suggestion? Don’t Start from Scratch

Perhaps most interesting from Cuomo’s congressional appearance was his testimony that the U.S. government should consider administratively using cryptocurrency projects that are already available rather than starting new systems from scratch.

Why? Cuomo argued that doing so would put the United States at the absolute vanguard of the cryptoverse, rather than trying to play catch up from far behind.

Notably, Cuomo’s remarks come at a time when a handful of states are already working on blockchain-backed identification systems.

And if Cuomo and IBM prove influential enough, these initiatives may be just the first of many governmental adoptions in the United States.

What’s your take? Do you think IBM has a chance of swaying the U.S. government, or will the politicos have their own plans? Sound off in the comments below. 

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