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ICO All-in Announces Rating System Platform For Token Sales

The cryptocurrency market is a mostly deregulated space that exists in a kind of wild west of finance where, legally, almost anything goes. This setting allows for unprecedented opportunities to make it rich or crash and burn — losing everything if one is not careful.

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The lack of government consumer protection, however, puts consumers in an unfamiliar situation — a situation where the onus is on them to ensure their financial safety. This can be a scary thought when people are simply just not used to this burden being put on them.

ICO All-in Keeps Them Honest

Enter ICO All-in, a platform that rates cryptocurrency crowdsales based on well-defined criteria they set for each and every crypto project.

ICO All-in was created by a team of professionals and blockchain experts to provide an all-encompassing host of information for consumers to peruse and to help inform them and, ultimately, make a decision about whether or not to invest.

Like other market alternatives, ICO All-in is an attempt to fill the void left by a lack of consumer safety laws that would otherwise protect them in the overwhelming majority of instances.

While they may not have the authority to hold fraud and fakes accountable, they can, at the very least, help users avoid ever losing their money to begin with by giving investors a better idea about what they’re getting themselves into.

Reducing Information Asymmetry

In other words, they’re helping to alleviate information asymmetry between token investor and token distributor — making it more difficult for the latter to scam people out of their hard-earned money.

The service will employ an intricate and detailed rating system that will take into account a multitude of factors relevant to the question of whether a given project is likely to provide a good return on contributed money.

The platform collects data and creates ratings at multiple levels, each being “as complex and detailed as the previous one.”

ICO All-in will, in all, deploy a crypto rating system that will depend on many factors including the gathering of data on the sales themselves from both official and third-party channels, such as timelines, teams, technology, and negative reviews.

The platform will also leverage AI in order to perform due diligence through a collaboration they have set up with IBM’s official Watson AI program.

In the end, ICO All-in will assign grading through a simple representation of alphabets, to inform users of the token sales ranking. The ranking ranges from A (BTC/ETH competitor) to E (fraud, deception etc.) and finally a U for unrated.

About ICO All-in

ICO All-in aims to establish a platform for displaying blockchain and cryptocurrency projects; to create first-rate services for investors and blockchain startups; to filter out ICO projects with high quality, high transparency and high return on investment from unbalanced, mixed and irregular markets.

At the same time, ICOALL.IN has established a good cooperative relationship with well-known investment companies in the industry and work together to achieve a win-win goal through helping ordinary investors to know projects with high safety and appreciation potential.

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