ImmVRse to Create a New Generation of Millionaires Through VR

ImmVRse to Create a New Generation of Millionaires Through VR

Content sharing platforms like Youtube have been game changers for the everyday person, allowing just about anyone to share their talents and insights with the world. For sure, it has allowed people to tap into previously inaccessible revenue streams by eliminating traditional bottlenecks.

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Before Youtube, only people who were lucky enough to be employed by a large studio or production company were able to make money through media and entertainment.

ImmVRse: The Youtube of VR Content

ImmVRse, a blockchain-based startup, sees itself as the Youtube of VR content sharing and, in a similar vein, is hoping that their most successful creators become millionaires just like current Youtube stars.

Given the amount of market penetration the VR industry has had in just the last few years and the youth’s familiarity with tech in this digital age,  ImmVRse believes it is set to create an entire community of talented producers who, through the platform, will become rich and famous.

By allowing VR content creators to directly sell their content, also giving them a chance to receive employment contracts from prospective employers, the ImmVRse team sees a bright future ahead that will mean introducing a whole new level of decentralization to the world.

The next generation looks up to Youtubers

The revolution seems even more likely if one considers the paradigm shift society is seemingly going through with traditional role models being replaced with new ones in the minds of the youth.

Indeed, according to a new study done in the UK, many seven to 11-year-olds are turning to modern technology as they consider their career paths. No longer do kids answer firefighters or doctors when asked what they want to be when they grow up — instead, many now say they want to be Youtubers.

Another study, conducted by First Choice, seems to confirm this trend — with one-third of respondents indicating an interest in becoming a YouTuber.

Furthermore, this trend makes sense if one considers the decreasing significance of traditional forms of entertainment in younger people’s lives as they spend more time on their computers and phones then, say,  watching television.

About ImmVRse

ImmVRse is a blockchain-based startup looking to decentralize VR content sharing, creating revenue streams for potentially millions of everyday people. In this way, it sees itself as they “Youtube of VR content” and often likes to market itself using this comparison.

In addition, the company has also heavily invested in research to both improve the current VR experience and fasten its maturation process and also to learn more about their effect on neurological processes.

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