ImmVRse Stall a Big Hit Among the London Blockchain Summit Crowd

ImmVRse Stall a Big Hit Among the London Blockchain Summit Crowd

ImmVRse, the blockchain-based platform for VR content sharing, recently attended the London Blockchain Summit — presenting its product and showcasing VR tech to an audience of tech enthusiasts.

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According to the team’s official press release, the ImmVRse exhibition stall was a major success with the summit’s visitors lining up to test out their Oculus Rift setup. Indeed, there seemed to be a unique enthusiasm for VR among the event’s attendees.

This enthusiasm could be plainly seen, or heard rather, with sounds of glee and amusement coming from those trying out the VR demons throughout the day — especially from those that the team identified as first-time users.

The startup’s main goal at the Blockchain Summit was to prove to attendees, an engaged audience of blockchain enthusiasts, that two seemingly different technologies — blockchain and VR — can be usefully synthesized and that ImmVRse is going to be the ones to do it.

Accelerating the Maturation of VR Tech

ImmVRse has gotten the attention of companies in a variety of different industries, healthcare and education especially, but has also garnered interest from the property, hospitality, filmmaking, and construction industries as well.

These firms have contacted ImmVRse to indicate their interest in the startup’s blockchain-based platform and how they could potentially benefit from it.

The startup has also been involved with numerous studies and has also collaborated with many within the VR market to help accelerate the development of the tech and maturation of the market itself.

Limon Rahman, COO, and Co-founder of ImmVrse explained how quickly the VR tech market has been growing over the last year

“One of the key messages I have been advocating is the importance of VR content. The industry has been going through an exciting period of growth and speculation in the past 12 months,”

The adoption rate of VR technologies has been staggering, as of late, as everyone is trying to get ahead of the game — including dominating tech companies like Google and Alibaba who have invested $1.4 billion into Magic Leap to develop a head-mounted virtual retinal display.

ImmVRse Crowdsale

ImmVRse is now progressing through its token sale with the intention to bring an alpha version of its platform at the end of 2018. Further events have been scheduled in Singapore, Dubai and South Korea throughout the year.

According to the startup’s official website, ImmVRse’s native token will have a total supply of 300 million tokens and the crowdfund has a hard cap, or a fundraising limit, of $20 million USD.

Additionally, their native crypto — IMV — will be sold at a rate of 1 for every 0.20 USD.

ImmVRse’s main token sale will officially commence on the 7th July and will last until 7th September.

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