Major Influencers to Meet at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018

Major Influencers to Meet at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018

Blockchain-based influencer marketing platform, Patron, is announcing that the 2018 Japan Blockchain conference will be onboarding some high-profile names within the crypto arena. The conference will be held for two days, starting on June 26 and continuing all the way through the 27th.

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Some of the biggest names that Patron has officially named includes founder, Roger Ver, ConsenSys CSO Sam Cassatt, and co-founder of Galaxy Digital, David J Namdar. Furthermore, the conference will be organized by the General Incorporated Association Global Blockchain.

The Japan Blockchain Conference

The primary focus of the Japan Blockchain Conference is to create awareness for blockchain tech as well as the innovators surrounding it among Japanese laymen and tech enthusiasts alike. In essence, the event’s organizers want to bring the blockchain world to more unlearned minds — helping to spread the word and bring about more adoption.

In addition, the event is intended to facilitate knowledge transfer through interpersonal engagement between disparate people’s that bring with them different perspectives and knowledge bases. Specifically, interaction between Japanese locals, blockchain enthusiasts, and international companies are expected to emerge out of this event.

According to the event’s official website, the conference will be held at the Tokyo International Forum — with a live broadcast being provided by niconico. More than 100 experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain from all over the world are expected to attend.

About Roger Ver

Roger Ver, possibly the biggest name to speak at the conference, is the founder and owner of and earned the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” for providing significant funding to the first generation of Bitcoin businesses.

Years before venture capital began to flood the market, Roger risked much of his own money to fund some of the first and now largest companies in the cryptosphere  and almost single-handedly pushing cryptocurrency to the forefront of fintech innovation.

About David J Namdar

Also headlining the group of guest speakers is David J Namdar, who is known for co-founding the NYC-based multi-strategy investment firm, Galaxy Digital.

In addition to his heavy involvement with creating Galaxy Digital, he was also with Millennium Management and served as the head trader and technology analyst for an equity relative value portfolio team.

About Sam Cassatt

Sam is a the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for another big name in the blockchain space, ConsenSys — whose big mission is to decentralize governance and move it away from traditional “command and control hierarchies inappropriate for a networked world.”

Sam defines company-wide strategy regarding business models in the rapidly expanding blockchain economy.

Other notable speakers include:

  • Prof. Sally Eaves (Blockchain expert)
  • Josh Constine (TechCrunch / Lead Editor)
  • Teodora Atanasova (UBER / Business Development, Nexo Former /Business Development)
  • Yuri G. Rabinovich (Synergy Chain Founder)
  • Tony Lane Cassely (CoinTelegraph Co-Founder)

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