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Interchain Live: Bringing Blockchain to Vermont

Interchain Live is a YouTube Channel ran by Interchain LLC. founder Ryan Munn. With his channel, Ryan interviews business people from the blockchain industry, and advocates for adoption of the technology in his home state of Vermont.

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Munn: Vermont Is a Great Place for Blockchain

Speaking to Bitsonline at the 2018 CoinAgenda Global conference in Las Vegas, Munn said he believed Vermont has a lot of realistic opportunities for blockchain adoption.

Vermont has a good work-life balance, Munn said, so people could start blockchain companies in the state and still have active personal lives with plenty to do outside work.

Additionally, Mun told Bitsonline that Vermont has a large enough population — over 600 thousand — to build a huge blockchain community, while still being small enough to keep it close-knit and productive. Because of that, Munn said he is able to make connections with local and state leaders and policymakers, introducing them to blockchain and informing them on why adopting the technology would be great for the state.

Aside from his blockchain consultancy firm, Interchain LLC., Munn uses his Interchain Live YouTube channel to pursue his goal of building a blockchain community in Vermont, as well as spreading awareness about the technology around the globe.

On his channel, Munn interviews people from the blockchain industry, learning about what they do and why they think blockchain has the potential to change the world. He also publishes vlog-style videos, where he talks to his audience about various topics, such as services he has discovered, as well as his opinions on issues in the community.  

About CoinAgenda

CoinAgenda is a conference series with events all around the world. CoinAgenda Global, their flagship event held every year in Las Vegas, showcases the top blockchain and crypto startups looking to raise funds through ICOs.

The Vegas event has been around since 2014, hosting startups that have become some of the largest companies in the blockchain industry.  

Each year at the Vegas event, CoinAgenda hosts an ICO pitch contest, where startups can compete for the title of most promising token sale. The winner gets free tickets and a free booth at following CoinAgenda events, in addition to bragging rights.

This year, blockchain-based influencer marketing platform Buttrfly won the contest, with two other startups named as runners up.

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