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Tacos for Crypto: An Interview with ‘Chef M’ Michell Sanchez of Latin House Grill

What do you do when you’re hungry and don’t have any money in your pocket? You pull out your mobile device and pay with crypto! Bitsonline did just that at Latin House Grill in Miami, Florida, where we spoke with the restaurant’s owner — “Chef M” Michell Sanchez.

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Getting Lunch and Paying With Bitcoin


Latin House Grill is an award-winning restaurant in Miami, Florida, previously featured in Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri and multiple other media outlets.

Widely known as “Chef M,” Sanchez has been accepting cryptocurrency at the Latin House Grill since 2013, and even has a Bitcoin ATM in his restaurant for anyone that wants to add some BTC to their digital wallets along with the their meal.

In this video, Bitsonline‘s George Levy stops by the restaurant for lunch and pays using his bitcoin wallet. Check it out to hear Chef M’s experiences in being a small business owner that’s accepted bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the past five years.

Paying for the food!

We’ve Ridden the Waves

Sanchez argued the problem of businesses dealing with the volatility of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies “has been fixed.” He also revealed he has chosen to keep the payments he receives in bitcoin, as he’s a believer in the long-term growth prospects of cryptocurrency.

Chef M told us:

“For us personally, we’ve made the decision as a family, as a small business, not to convert it back … We believe it is just the beginning.”

Chef M said a range of other cryptocurrencies were also accepted at the restaurant. As he put it, “if there is a value attached to a certain coin, we’ll accept it.”

Have you ever bought lunch with crypto? Are you a small business that accepts bitcoin as a form of payment? Reach out and let us know your experiences!

What cryptocurrencies would you accept if you ran a business? Let us know in the comments below.

Images and video via George Levy, Bitsonline

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