Sunday, December 4, 2022

Interview With Jihan Wu: SegWit, ASICBOOST and More

Interview With Jihan Wu: SegWit, ASICBOOST and More

At The Future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem, Netherlands, Bitsonline got the chance to speak with Bitmain founder and director Jihan Wu. The bitcoin mining tycoon shared his thoughts with us on several topics, including SegWit and the infamous ASICBOOST incident. 

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SegWit and ASICBOOST: Jihan Wu Shares His Side of the Story

Wu, his company, and the individuals and businesses associated with him have received much flak from the Bitcoin community regarding their views on the block size scalability debate. After a string of controversial decisions and public statements over the past few months, Wu sat down with Bitsonline at The Future of Bitcoin conference to share the complete version of his side of the drama.

In this interview, we learn what the mining giant thinks about a lot of important issues in the Bitcoin world, and where he sees the technology going in the future — keeping the scalability issue in mind.

Watch the interview in full here:

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Image via Jihan Wu

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