AMFEIX Fund Offering Monthly Returns on Bitcoin Investments

AMFEIX Fund Offering Monthly Returns on Bitcoin Investments

Digital asset management firm AMFEIX, through its AMFEIX Fund, has wholly made cryptocurrency trading lucrative by offering bitcoin investors massive profits. Investors who have invested their bitcoin in the fund are reaping an average monthly return of 23%.

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By trading with selected crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairings, AMFEIX has managed to grow the net worth of its investors. All that one requires to start earning good returns is a minimum of 0.02 BTC.

What makes AMFEIX stand out?

Undercover Investment does not require investors to provide their full personal details before they deposit their bitcoin with the firm. They can deposit their crypto pseudo-anonymously and start earning lucrative profits.

Trouble-free Investing Procedure

If you want to invest in AMFEIX, you will find the process of registration simple and time saving. It entails creating your wallet and then transferring your bitcoin to your new wallet. After 24 hours, your funds will reflect on the fund page of the platform.

No Fixed Fees Charged

AMFEIX does not charge investors any fixed fee. The firm invests wisely in high yielding crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs and generates a profit for investors. From the profits made, AMFEIX allocates itself 20%.

Agreeable Profit Sharing

The firm has an agreeable profit-sharing arrangement with investors based on a 2:8 ratio. Investors take home 80% while the firm earns 20% of all profits generated.

Steadily Rising Capital

Investors can choose to grow their capital by choosing to reinvest their profits in the fund. Once investors reinvest the profits earned from the fund, their capital compounds steadily over time.

Fast Withdrawals

For investors who want to withdraw their earnings, the procedure is straightforward. By visiting the AMFEIX Fund page and clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button, you only wait for approvals and the funds will be in your wallet immediately; but you will wait for 24 hours for them to reflect on your fund page.

Less Exposure of the Trading Pool to Market Dynamics

In a very volatile trading environment, it is cautionary to trade with a limited pool of funds. AMFEIX takes excellent precaution in trading by only using 30-50% of funds in a pool. Such a strategy ensures that investors’ funds are not wiped out because of a trading miscalculation.

Protected Layers of Security

AMFEIX has several layers of security to safeguard the site from any incidents of hacking.

The site uses the Ethereum blockchain, reputed for its robust security infrastructure. Moreover, as a blockchain, it is decentralized, meaning that it only allows for peer to peer transactions. Consequently, any third-party entity cannot interfere with operations taking place therein.

For funds on the website that are dormant, the firm uses cold storage as the best way of securing them from hackers. Cold storage is a very effective method of storing crypto, especially in light of the numerous attacks on exchanges by hackers.
To protect investors’ wallets, the firm uses a 12-letter seed key. The seed key helps users recover their accounts whenever someone tries to infiltrate them.

Money-minting Referral Program

AMFEIX has a very enticing referral program that enables users to mint digital currencies. For any referral you make that results in an investment, you will earn 10% of the profits due to the referee. offers investors the opportunity to make huge gains from tokens and coins. With the demand for digital currencies on the rise, their values are also increasing. As a result, the firm is the link that will help investors to benefit from the increasing prices.

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