Jacksonville Bitcoin Group Recognizes Historic Papa John's Location

Jacksonville Bitcoin Group Recognizes Historic Papa John’s Location

May 22nd is a special day in the history of Bitcoin. It is the day, 8 years ago, that the first bitcoin transaction to purchase a physical object occurred. The physical object in this case was two Papa John’s pizzas. For this reason, May 22nd is celebrated by bitcoiners all over the world as Bitcoin Pizza Day. And the Jacksonville Bitcoin Meetup group has now officially recognized the franchise location that created that historic order. 

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The Pizzas That Live On

On May 18, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz created a thread on BitcoinTalk.com to find someone who would sell him “a couple of pizzas” for 10,000 BTC. At the time, this was worth roughly $41 USD. Today it would be worth over $75 million, which is why this purchase has been dubbed by many as the “Million Dollar Pizza.”

It took four days for someone to agree to make the transaction. That person was Jeremy Sturdivant (jercos). Jercos ordered the pizzas and paid for them with his credit card online. The pizzas were delivered to Laszlo’s Jacksonville home. Laszlo then paid the 10,000 BTC to jercos. Jercos is now widely credited as being the first seller of a good for bitcoin, and Laszlo is credited as being the first buyer of a good.

The pizzas in question.

Despite the widely held popular belief that the pizzas were ordered from Papa John’s, jercos claims to remember ordering them from Dominos. However, pictures posted by Laszlo on his BitcoinTalk thread clearly show the pizzas to be from Papa John’s.

Where Did the First Bitcoin Purchase Happen?

The specific Papa John’s location to receive this fateful order was in Jacksonville, FL. To mark this occasion, the Jacksonville Bitcoin Meetup group has honored the business by presenting a commemorative plaque of recognition. The plaque is a solid wood, minimalist design with tastefully beveled edges. Information about the occasion is LASER engraved onto the surface.

The engraving begins at the top of the plaque by crediting Papa John’s to be the “Makers of the famous Bitcoin Pizzas” followed by the date of May 22nd, 2010, prominently featured in a bold font. Under the date is an image of the two pizzas purchased by Laszlo. Below that is a declaration expressing that Jacksonville, FL, is the “Home of the First Bitcoin Purchase.” At the bottom, the Jacksonville Bitcoin Meetup group is credited with donating the plaque, along with a link to their Facebook page.

The plaque.

The plaque was accepted by the manager of the store. He then took time to pose for photos with the group and with the organizer, Shawn Leary. It is still unconfirmed where exactly within the store the plaque will be hung.

Do you think this purchase is historical? Was it important in confirming that bitcoin has real value? Would we be where we are today without it?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Jacksonville Bitcoin Group, Nima

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