Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jaxx Adds Support for a Massive 70+ More Blockchain Platforms

Jaxx Adds Support for a Massive 70+ More Blockchain Platforms

Wallet provider Jaxx says it will now be “universal to the masses” on the blockchain. A deal with over 70 new partners will see it integrate with dozens of new digital assets and platforms.

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Jaxx screenshotsJaxx will support all manner of tokens and assets from the well-known to the obscure. They include Ripple, Monero, Tether, Stellar Lumens, Counterparty, Factom, Steem, NEM, BitCrystals, Bitshares and MaidSafeCoin — to name a few. Classics like Namecoin and Omni are also in there, as is Japan’s favorite alt, Monacoin.

Then there’s RSK Labs’ Bitcoin blockchain-based smart contracts, the Civic and Signatura identity platforms. There’s a raft of new exchanges and online wallets like BitGo, Coinbase, BitPay, Bittrex, Changelly, and Wall of Coins.

It will now also support hardware devices like Trezor, Ledger Wallet and Coinkite’s Opendime disposable wallets.

Jaxx’s Universal Key Management

Jaxx is an HD wallet with one seed phrase for all assets, making it easily-recoverable and useful on multiple devices at once. It does not require sign-ups, accounts or identity checks.

Anthony Di Iorio, founder and CEO of Decentral & Jaxx, said:

“We are bringing together all facets of the blockchain ecosystem with Jaxx to provide a universal interoperable interface so that non-technical people, like my dad, can easily use these decentralized technologies. Simple tools and intuitive UI / UX will bring adoption to the masses and assist all projects and companies.”

The apps already have digital wallet options for up to 14 popular assets, with its Android version offering the largest range. It also links to the ShapeShift exchange for account-free trading. Di Iorio added that the new integrations should be available equally to all platforms — including Android and iOS, plus all three major desktop OSes and two browser extensions.

Support for the new platforms will roll out gradually over the coming months.

Charlie Shrem Joins to Manage Partnerships

Di Iorio has always been open about Jaxx’s ambition to become the browser of the blockchain, with support for as many digital assets as possible. It has form: in 2016 it broke ground by becoming the first iOS wallet app to support ether, dash and zcash.

Toronto-based Decentral develops the apps. The company also announced this May it was hiring Charlie Shrem as Director of Business & Community Development to oversee the integration roadmap and develop partnerships.

Shrem, a long-time friend of Di Iorio, will be busy taking care of all those partners. The job will also involve looking at all facets of current blockchain technology far above and beyond just cryptocurrency.

Jaxx also plans to release a consumer-friendly version of its entire roadmap, something it calls the “Orange Paper”.

Are you a Jaxx user? How many of these new platforms do you use? Let us know.

Images via Jaxx

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