Jaxx Liberty Arrives, Revamped Version of Jaxx Crypto Wallet

Jaxx Liberty Arrives, Revamped Version of Jaxx Crypto Wallet

Canadian blockchain innovators Decentral have launched the beta version of their new cryptocurrency wallet, Jaxx Liberty. The wallet “overcomes the fragmentation in the cryptocurrency landscape” by creating an ecosystem, adding features such as a block explorer, a news section, and market data to the project. Released only in Canada to start, the beta still has a few minor kinks to work out.

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Jaxx Liberty Goes Live for User Feedback

On July 1st, Canada Day, Decentral released a beta version of Jaxx Liberty for Windows, Mac, and Android users. Beta builds for Linux and Chrome will be released at a later date.

The revamped version of the free Jaxx wallet will be available in such a test state for two weeks, with the sole purpose of this being to gain feedback from users and make final tests on a wider scale. Liberty will be going fully live in mid-July unless any unforeseen issues emerge in the beta program. Users can run both Jaxx and Jaxx Liberty’s beta at the same time during this period.

Per the press release, the new wallet is aimed at trouncing the “fragmented landscape,” i.e. the spread-out user experiences, of the cryptoverse. To do so, the wallet provides a series of features — like news stories and market feeds — that aren’t typically found in traditional, less-comprehensive crypto wallets. Anthony Di Iorio, a co-creator of Ethereum and co-founder and current CEO of Decentral and Jaxx, noted of the launch:

“As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow, the ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented. Jaxx Liberty takes an important step towards unifying and empowering the blockchain community to take control of their digital lives.”

Overcoming Minor Hurdles, Eyes to the Future

Prior to the beta launch, Jaxx created a Slack channel so that users could easily report bugs to the Jaxx Liberty devs. A user named Dimitris Apostolou has already done exactly that, reporting a handful of minor Jaxx Liberty bugs in the designated channel. Per Apostolou, on the Mac version of the software, rearranging the wallet position has issues. Additionally, the price of STOX (STX) token does not update in the beta wallet, among other nuisances.

Decentral should have these kinks fixed up in short order, as they’re hailing the Jaxx Liberty as their “flagship product.”

Indeed, the wallet is to go several steps further than its predecessor per its new features, with Decentral calling it the “web browser for digital assets.” Once the beta provides satisfactory testing and fixes and everything is deemed a-go, the company said Jaxx Liberty “will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.”

The Toronto-based Decentral also aims to release several other products in 2018 in a bid to expand the Jaxx ecosystem. The company will launch a tokenized reward system called Decentral Unity, an information center named Decentral Academy, and a “gamified” outreach program titled MyJaxx.

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Images via Decentral Inc., Jaxx

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