Jihan Wu 'Was Told' Bitcoin Gold's Jack Liao Is Paying Journalists

Jihan Wu ‘Was Told’ Bitcoin Gold’s Jack Liao Is Paying Journalists

After just making headlines for getting into a dispute with Dr. Craig Wright in Taipei, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) co-founder Jack Liao is in the news again, this time over allegations of impropriety. That’s per Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu, who claims Liao is paying cryptoverse journalists to falsely peg Bitmain as the culprits of the recent 51 percent attack against the BTG network. 

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Tensions Rise, Allegations Fly

Jihan Wu, the face of mining hardware powerhouse Bitmain, has declared his company had no part in the recent 51 percent attack against Bitcoin Gold, going further to allege BTG’s co-founder Jack Liao was himself possibly responsible for the assault.

Wu tweeted as much at the start of the weekend:

And Wu went on to later claim that a source or sources told him Liao was “giving money to reporters” to falsely suggest a mining hardware company, i.e. Bitmain, was responsible for BTG’s recent 51 percent attack.

From my end, a few web searches of relevant queries didn’t turn up any new actualized news articles claiming Bitmain or a miner manufacturer was responsible for the latest BTG attack, though some threads and comments did turn up in the r/Bitcoin subreddit hitting along that line of thought.

An example post from r/Bitcoin

Later Liao, himself the face of hardware play LIGHTNINGASIC, suggested on the company’s Twitter account in understandably clunky English that he’d be avoiding direct or extended confrontation on the matter.

I’ve asked both Wu and the Bitcoin Gold team to comment on the dispute. I will update this article accordingly if either party chooses to do so.

Two days after the original tweet-off, Liao chimed back in, accusing Wu of “playing dirty,” though no context was provided as to what he was specifically referring to:

So Who Was Responsible for the Attack?

What we know so far about the recent BTG 51 percent attack is that the agent or agents responsible launched “double spend” assaults on exchanges, costing thousands of BTG in losses.

Some of the pulpier elements in the space have suggested nChain’s Chief Scientist and Bitcoin Cash proponent Dr. Craig Wright was behind the attack after Wright and Liao got into a dispute at a crypto conference in Taiwan. However, that argument makes no sense chronologically, as Cornell professor and cryptoverse thought leader Emin Gün Sirer noted on Twitter:

So all that we do know for sure for now is that the 51 percenter is no slouch — they’re a professional with the experience and hash rate necessary to overwhelm a small network like Bitcoin Gold’s.

For those interested in tracking whoever is responsible, the attacker’s main wallet address has been pinned as GTNjvCGssb2rbLnDV1xxsHmunQdvXnY2Ft, which currently holds 12,239 BTG at press time.

We’ll have to see when/if the attacker strikes next.

What’s your take? Who do you think is right here? Let us know in the comments below. 

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