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John McAfee: My Cryptocurrency Picks Are Beating Bitcoin

John McAfee: My Cryptocurrency Picks Are Beating Bitcoin

In recent weeks, the vocal cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee has been accused by crypto enthusiasts of manipulating the cryptoeconomy with his tweets. Now, McAfee’s unsurprisingly fighting back, pointing out that his recent Twitter cryptocurrency “picks” have been outpacing bitcoin’s price in the short-term. 

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The cyber-security mogul first started his “Coin of the Day” back on December 20th, 2017. He tweeted:

“Beginning tomorrow, I will each day talk about a unique altcoin. Most of the 2,000 coins are trash or scams. I’ve read every white paper. The few I’m connected to I will tell you. The rest I have no position in. These coins will change the world. You can support that change.”

And things have gotten wild in the interim, as some have cried foul — and some tried jumping in — over McAfee’s picks.

McAfee: Check the Numbers

McAfee’s now concertedly pushing back against his naysayers, arguing that his coin recommendations are to be regarded as a long-term investment opportunities and not as “Pump and Dump” schemes.

The firebrand, trailblazing security maestro just tweeted: “I recommend what I believe will be the surviving coins and tokens of the future. If this is bad then I am bad. Label me as you wish.”

“The following chart compares the performance of every coin I recommended to the performance of Bitcoin, up to today’s date. My recommendations outperformed Bitcoin by from 47% to 245%. These coins are as solid as they come,” he added.

McAfee Tweet Coins
Source: McAfee Tweet

To be fair, though, the vast majority of all “small cap” altcoin projects were up over 300 percent in the last few weeks, as Fundstrat research head Tom Lee just noted in new comments to the press.

McAfee Moves to Random Format

The nonstop criticism McAfee’s received over his cryptocurrency recommendations has resulted in him stopping the “Coin of the Day” in favor of “Coin of the Week.”

Now, in a recent tweet, he stated that he would discontinue “Coin of the Week” and tweet randomly henceforth about potential coins and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

McAfee has also been accused of charging money for his recommendations among other cryptoverse misdeeds. However, none of it had an impact on his follower base on Twitter, as he has over half a million followers.

What’s your take on McAfee’s recommendations? Yay? Nay? Cray? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Twitter, NYMag

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