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John McAfee to Run for President in 2020

Breaking News: John McAfee, vocal champion of cryptocurrencies, has declared he will run for President of the United States in 2020. The inimitable IT security pioneer made the announcement via Twitter this afternoon.

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Crypto’s Most Prominent Advocate

Announced on his medium of choice to his almost 830 thousand followers, McAfee’s ostensible intention for running for POTUS is to “serve the crypto community by providing the ultimate campaign platform”.

McAfee has become one of cryptocurrency’s most ardent proponents. He is best known for his more colorful commentary, culminating with his oft-cited threat to – shall we say – consume his most poignant appendage if the price of bitcoin doesn’t hit $1 million USD by 2020. When pressed to be serious, however, McAfee’s stance on cryptocurrency demonstrates his firm belief in the future of digital assets.

“It is not a speculative investment even though it is being used as such by many people. As the Bitcoin network grows the value of Bitcoin grows. As people move into Bitcoin for payments and receipts they stop using US Dollars, Euros, and Chinese Yuan, which, in the long-term, devalues these currencies.”

The cybersecurity expert gained notoriety in the crypto community for his coin- and then ICO-of-the-week tweets. Some of those recommendations proved disastrous and ill-considered. He recently announced he had gone underground to evade surveillance as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating his activities.

The McAfee Redemption Units – Insightful Paradigm Shifters Parading As Shenanigans

Only days ago, McAfee demonstrated his playful sense of wit by announcing that the rumored McAfee Redemption Unit (MRU) coins, collectible fiat currency notes that would be backed by crypto, were not a hoax.

McAfee features on the one, five, and one hundred MRU notes, with him and his wife on the 500. Bitmain founder Jihan Wu got the 10, Bitcoin Foundation’s Brock Pierce the 20, and Roger Ver the 50.

Whether serious or pure mockery, the MRUs are an amusing sideshow in what is shaping as a significant moment in the history of money. Will non-state cryptocurrencies actually replace fiat? McAfee’s MRUs are a thought-provoking twist on the central question of what money is and how it is backed. His purported run for president may be viewed in the same light.

McAfee for POTUS

McAfee ran for president in the 2016 presidential elections, first for the then-newly formed Cyber Party before seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party. As a libertarian, McAfee supported free trade, a non-interventionist foreign policy posture, and the decriminalization of cannabis. In his 2020 run, the focus of his platform appears to be the advocacy of cryptocurrencies and those who support their use.

Have your say. Should crypto’s most notorious identity run for president? Does he actually intend to do so or is this just another publicity stunt?

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