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Junseth’s World Episode 28: Honk Honk

Junseth’s World Episode 28: Honk Honk

This week’s episode of Junseth’s World deals with the themes of risk, accountability and blame. The crew from South Florida deal with the trauma of a mass shooting at a local school while examining the spectrum of reactions. While the anger and outrage over that event is still too fresh to reach any definite conclusions, it’s felt in the remainder of the discussion as attention shifts to blockchain’s various exaggerations and wild claims over the years — who’s accountable when everything goes wrong?

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No Rationality, No Accountability

Dante now has his own Rare Pepe, called “Conspiratard” — which is neither endorsed nor even green. In any case, he and his friends are too rational to be proper conspiracy theorists anyway. Last week’s high school tragedy, they all admit, is “too close, too soon” to discuss properly. Still, it’s impossible to ignore the common themes that seem to surround such incidents.

First there’s the finger-pointing over what laws could prevent mass shootings in the future. The knee-jerk often trumps the practical, and everyone wonders if better risk management and security could control what may be a cultural issue. There are “multiple points of failure” in any disaster — in this case, a possible false sense of security, misplaced trust, and ambiguous roles like that of “school resource officers”.

Dante and Junseth
Dante and Junseth

The three hosts are unable to escape their frustration at the ineptitude failing all systems. So when the focus shifts back to the obligatory crypto theme, they continue to rail against those who proclaimed blockchain a cure for all ills, only to quietly disappear when it failed to solve even part of the problem.

Junseth is still angry at Ripple, which “doesn’t settle” and thus won’t solve the banking problems it exists to. Bitcoin remittance companies smugly poked fun at Western Union, only to discover it’s still actually quite hard to send money from one country to another, even with blockchains. Factom exited Honduras after its government-superceding blockchain land registry was… stymied by government. Then there’s OneCoin, which should’ve been an easy target but which was still able to leverage associations with credible brands like The Economist and McKinsey & Co., who didn’t seem in any rush to disown.

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Images via Wikimedia Commons, Jon Southurst

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