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Junseth’s World Episode 38: Well Hanged

The latest episode of Junseth’s World is jam-packed with everything from the latest crypto news to the history of banking, religions, and everything in between. Does Ripple settle? Will mining ever go away (from your town)? Should we choose our next Satoshi Nakamoto the same way the faithful find the next Dalai Lama? Is testosterone linked to genius? Listen on to find all the answers.

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Lightning, Ripple, Blockchains and Wild Claims

Co-host and libertarian activist Dante is off the show again this week, on a mission to “free Tommy Robinson” from British prison. This will doubtless end in a campaign to free Dante as well, so start saving for donations to that legal fund.

There’s a conversation about the various experiments taking place on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which could someday damage the altcoin market by solving every problem those tokens claim to address. A show favorite is Satoshi’s Place, but there’s excitement in general about the potential of sub-penny transactions, or at least the chance to find out if such things are useful at all.

Junseth would like to remind everyone (again) that “Ripple doesn’t actually settle”, though he’s softened his tone a little and is prepared to hear explanations otherwise. He just hasn’t heard a good one yet.

Other Highlights

All this is followed by a debate on the feasibility of Bitcoin mining profits and subsidized electricity, whether mining is commoditized, and whether miners should profit at all. Your local government may hold the key to such profits, so aspiring mining billionaires should work on new ways to impress them.

The guys also dissect various crypto projects and whitepapers, and laugh at their various claims about what blockchains are, and can do. “Vanguard is just blockchain-flavored better IT,” says Shawn, while others claim to have studied blockchain since 2008.

“There are so many shitty developers in Bitcoin… they’re all working on Ethereum and ICOs” Junseth says in a classic piece of trollbait. Is he right? Feel free to vent — at Junseth himself. But be sure to listen to the whole podcast first.

For the Uninitiated: WTF Is Junseth’s World?

JW hosts Junseth, Dante and Shawn are Bitcoin’s Florida Men. That is, except for Junseth, who’s a cis-gendered black woman and Shawn, who’s a “low-testosterone beta male”.

Spawned from the greater Miami area blockchain scene, the three reluctant sitcom housemates embody that region’s unique approach to business. They’ve seen and done things for Bitcoin you probably never imagined … and some you wished you could un-imagine.

Somewhere in the mix, you actually get a good education and some surprisingly useful insights into the world of finance, trading, business and economics. Subscribe to the entire series on Soundcloud.

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