Sunday, December 4, 2022

Junseth’s World Episode 22: Gold Lamé

Junseth’s World Episode 22: Gold Lamé

Let’s take a look at all the weird things that people value. The kind they’ll actually spend money on. As Bitcoin torments its hodlers by flirting with $20K, the crew at Junseth’s World asks the important questions: Did the Dutch Tulip Mania ever really happen? Is it right to mock Beanie Babies when some still sell for thousands of dollars?

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As always, Junseth’s World is the long-form podcast that educates you on the economics you’ll need to understand cryptocurrencies, whether you realize it or not.

Why are people obsessed with obtaining an entire unit of a cryptocurrency, and could we just move the decimal point in BTC so everyone can have a bitcoin?

Would it change anything if everyone just accepted that a Tether is a dollar and that’s that? Has Ethereum evolved to be completely resilient to stupid news? And what’s with those creepy old acquaintances who haven’t spoken to you in years, but suddenly reappear in your life and want to talk about Bitcoin?

Dante wants to know who’d win a fight between Jamie Dimon and the Winklevosses, but we think this one will be settled without it coming to that. If Dimon is so sure of Bitcoin’s failure, why doesn’t he bet JPMorgan’s entire balance sheet on that happening? He’d clean up. Otherwise, he’s just trolling.

Speaking of trolling, it’s time to hit play and let it flow.

For the Uninitiated: WTF Is Junseth’s World?

Junseth youngJunseth (a.k.a. Joshua Unseth) is one of America’s most respected thought leaders on dick jokes — but with Bitcoin.

Loathed by most corporate blockchain industry participants and pretty much everyone else, the controversial South Florida resident embodies that region’s unique approach to business. He has seen and done things for Bitcoin you probably never imagined … and some you wished you could un-imagine.

Somewhere in all of that, you actually get a good education and some surprisingly useful insights into the world of finance, trading, business and economics. Subscribe to the entire series on Soundcloud.

On top of his tireless Bitcoin advocacy, Junseth campaigns to close the gender salary gap in the world of modeling and to abolish attractive-people privilege across all industries.

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Images via Toys R Us, Junseth’s mom

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