Ken Lawson Named Crypto Adviser for State of Florida, Will Help Pick Crypto Chief

Ken Lawson Named Crypto Adviser for State of Florida, Will Help Pick Crypto Chief

On June 26th, the office of the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida announced they would be creating a new position to oversee matters related to crypto within the State of Florida.  A little over a month later, on August 2nd, they announced in a press release that Ken Lawson has been named by the CFO as an adviser to help select Florida’s first Cryptocurrency Chief.  

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What Will He Be Doing?

As Florida’s crypto adviser, Lawson will lead efforts to find a candidate capable of enforcing legal and regulatory interests in the state, while still encouraging innovation. He will be collaborating with CFO Jimmy Patronis’ law enforcement team, regulatory entities, existing cryptocurrencies, and unspecified business stakeholders to help determine the best candidate for this task.

Presumably, these latter stakeholders will be representatives from finance and banking sectors, although the press release does not actually identify any of them specifically. The “existing cryptocurrencies” that will be included in this collaboration have not been named either.

Ken Lawson, new crypto adviser for Florida state.

The press release quoted Lawson as saying:

“I’m thrilled to take on this advisory role to help bring transparency to cryptocurrency in Florida. In this role, I’ll be assisting the CFO in his efforts to ensure accountability and oversight for this important industry in Florida. Outside of my full-time role at VISIT FLORIDA, I’m excited about working with CFO Patronis to accomplish his goal of protecting Floridians from criminals who seek to use new technology to scam people and allowing innovation to flourish in our state.”

A Long Career, With a Broad Range of Experience

Ken Lawson currently serves as president and CEO of VISIT FLORIDA, the state-run marketing agency responsible for promoting tourism in Florida.

Before that, he was the Secretary of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Besides working for the State of Florida, Lawson has also held several positions within federal law enforcement agencies. These positions included Assistant Secretary of Enforcement for the Department of the Treasury, Assistant Chief Counsel for Field Operations at the Transportation Security Administration, and an Assistant United States Attorney in the Criminal Division for the Middle District of Florida.

Even further back, he served for one year as Chief of Party for the Financial Crimes Prevention Project in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he directed international anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorism financing projects. Given the complicated nature of the cryptocurrency space, his past professional experiences will surely prove useful.

Still, More Questions Remain

It is still unknown if Ken Lawson is being considered for the Cryptocurrency Chief position himself, or if his role is limited to only helping with the selection process.

The selection criteria for the position, number of candidates being considered, and who the candidates are, and what business stakeholders are being consulted with remains unspecified for now.

The Florida Chief Financial Officer’s office did not immediately respond to Bitsonline‘s requests for comment. This article will be updated accordingly if his office chooses to do so.

Does the State of Florida really need a Cryptocurrency Chief? What qualifications would be needed for this job? Can you personally suggest a good candidate? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Images via, Florida Politics

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